Friday, October 02, 2009

October 2 to do list

Because it may not get written otherwise.
  • Write list
  • Stuff around
  • Sort washing, put first load of washing on
  • Breakfast
  • Make 'Salina's lunchbox
  • Do household budget
  • Find cat, violin and sadly overdue library books
  • Stuff cat into catbox and put it, 'Salina, her lunchbox and other items into car
  • Deposit cat at Garfield's Purrfect Cat Motel, get violin tuned, drop books into library, find mechanic to give me a screw (in the mounting around the front passenger side tyre), drop 'Salina at vacation care
  • Do other seventy-six million (okay, 3) loads of washing, peg them out in a timely manner
  • Colour hair
  • Water gardens
  • Do work budget and any outstanding worky tasks
  • Shower
  • Work out details for the weekend
  • Pack
  • Vacuum
  • Sweep
  • Clean kitchen
  • Contemplate cleaning bathroom
  • Collapse
  • Pack car
  • Collect 'Salina from Vacation Care
  • Hit the road
  • Drive for 4-7 hours

oh, and

  • Blog

What does yours look like?


BB said...

My list... ummmm. All retrospective plus TIDY OFFICE which has been on the 'to do' whiteboard since forever.

Travel safe J, S and V!

Debby said...

Having coffee with my oldest daughter.

Making two batches of dream bars, one for Cara, one for a funeral.

Helping new tenant move in.

Making strombolis for supper. New Mary is coming over and we will watch 'Madagascar' which she has never seen.


Get a half dozen boxes packed and in the mail.

Look for gainful employment.

Oh. and grab the two books of my bedside table and return to the library before they come sadly overdue....

Anonymous said...

Ny list looks like yours. Oh, OK, only the first and last line look like yours. Oh OK - the first and last line ARE my list.

MissyBoo said...

I have to say it sounds better than painting ceilings, painting ceilings and painting ceilings!

Mistress B said...

Friday, friday........ oh that's right. That was the day I spent 8 hours sitting at my computer madly trying to get all my uni assignments finished and handed in. ugh.

Hope your weekend is being lovely and relaxing :)

Wilbur said...

Hey Jeanie... great to 'bump' into you today at the park!! BB is showing me the ropes in the comments sections... who-hooo!