Monday, December 14, 2009

Breaking News!

No, not baby related.

We went to the beach this morning - and they have opened a cafe there!! For all the time I have been here, the buzz has been "if only there was coffee available" because honestly, the little beach nearest here is gorgeous and requires very little to take it to the level of perfection - but good coffee might just be that straw.

This means that AFTER the unborn arrives, I will be able to walk over there with 'Salina and the thenborn and 'Salina can swim and I can sip on the foreshore and supervise.



Lin said...

Sounds perfect!

And no agreement yet in Copenhagen, I hear? ;)

Debby said...

Oh, gees. I do wish that Copenhagen would get it's so hard to be patient.

Coffee on the beach, Jeanie? By golly, you do live in Paradise, don't you?

Debby said...

Oh, and PS, I'm so glad that I can come here to get the latest Copenhagen. This is the place to be alright, if you're curious what's going on in Copenhagen alright.

BB said...

You are SUCH a tease... now that Nana is away, and the temptation of trips to the beach for coffee area an imminent reality.. surely this baby will decide to make an entrance to the world. Only polite thing to do, really!