Friday, December 18, 2009

Tick tick tick...

  • Sleep in? Tick (5.15 folks - yay)
  • Breakfast? Tick
  • Swim in the ocean? Tick
  • Coffee while V surfed? Tick
  • Spoke to all female members of immediate family? Tick
  • Vacuumed? Tick
  • Lunch? Tick
  • Made nectarine upside-down cake? Tick
  • Ate some? Tick (mmmmmmm)
  • Tried to nap? Tick
  • Fail? Tick
  • Cut out bassinette sheets? Tick
  • Blogged? Tick

To do:
  • Sew bassinette sheets
  • Have afternoon tea with brother and his family
  • Write Christmas cards
  • Wash windows
  • Have a baby

Wonder if the list will be completed today?


Brissiemum2 said...

Good grief! That baby just does not want to come out! Must be far too cozy in there! Lol!

BB said...

Doncha wish Blogger had checkboxes?

PS Word Ver is 'thoorze' which somehow reminds me of Copenhagen. Cannot think why?

Sarah Lulu said...

Thinking of you ... Tick.


Thinking of you...Tock

ohhh verification word started with readi

Jayne said...

I reckon Bump is channelling the world leaders in Copenhagen - they're achieving about as much as Bump is...except Bump is probably more active by bungy-jumping on the umbilical cord.
Hope Bump packed the stack hat...and extra clothes, I hear bungy-jumping can result in a wet landing ;)

Pencil Writer said...

Love you lists and ticking. I love a list...especially a list with as many red ticks as the items listed to do.

"Have a baby" will, by all odds, soon have its own prominent red tick.

Pencil Writer said...

After posting my comment, another opportunity to comment appeared with the word verification of "apearsur".

I first thought: Appear--Sure!
Next: "A pear shaped note . . ." of Cinderella (Disney) fame.
Third: I'm sure the first thought is the correct one--even if it isn't spelled: "Copenhagen." :)

Debby said...

Jees o pete, baby! My computer crashed, and I don't have regular access. I was chomping at the bit because I couldn't check on events in Copenhagen. I thought for sure that there'd be a new baby here by the time the old computer accessed your blog (seemed like weeks...)

A Novel Woman said...

That naughty baby is waiting for Christmas to be born, just to mess you up later. Two of my husband's brothers were born on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

jeanie said...

Thanks folks - haven't finished all the Christmas cards, am doing the windows, 4 sets of bassinette sheets are made - and Copenhagen leaders have not yet hashed out any lasting deals...