Tuesday, September 28, 2010

V Dreams

(V is currently studying, and has a very difficult design assignment due.)

He came out this morning and said "I had very vivid dreams about lions and sheeps."

How very Aesop Fablish of him, I thought - so I said so.

He burst into laughter. "Lines and shapes, not lions and sheeps."


Jayne said...

Lines and shapes in the form of lions and sheeps, maybe? :P

Debby said...

Very funny. Tim had a dream last night and nearly scared me to death. He started yelling, and nearly kicked me out of bed. He doesn't remember what he was dreaming. Probably lions and sheeps.

Leenie said...

Lions and sheeps would be MUCH more interesting and fun.

Pencil Writer said...

I love the idiosyncrasies of language, yours, ours, and many other "English" speaking peoples. Lions and sheeps/lines and shapes. That's probably what I'll be dreaming about tonight!

Anonymous said...

Lions and sheeps
Oh how they bleats
for V, in his sheets
deep in his sleeps.

;) x