Sunday, May 27, 2012

Reports from 5.46am

Its cold. And dark. And way too early on a Sunday morning - but since I woke at 3.30am I have not been able to go back to sleep.

It played like this:

  • 3:?? dream I can hear Paris yelling out to me.
  • 3:??+1 realise Paris is yelling out to me. Get out of my warm, warm bed and go to check on her. She is freezing (of course), upside-down in bed and wants her Mummy. Aww. Turn her, tuck her, sing her a song.
  • 3:26 return to bed.
  • 3:27 Can't sleep. Realise that to ensure a sleep in, I probably should have changed her nappy. Realise that, although there was a discussion about bringing up some nappies from downstairs, there was no action plan.
  • 3:28 Make heartless decision about leaving her in wet nappy even though I have hit the above lightbulb moment.
  • 3:29 My backside is cold. Toss and turn to try to find best butt-warming position. Nasty little voice inside my head tells me that if I think my behind is cold, imagine how it is for a 2.48 year old with a wet nappy.
  • 3:30 Contemplate what going down to get nappies would actually entail. Decide against it as it would require layering up and the potential of waking the baby to do the change.
  • 3:31 Paris takes the decision out of my hands by requesting my presence again. Guilt urges me to scrap the against points on the whole "get out of bed and freeze" discussion I have just had.
  • 3:31 Rug up, reassure child, go OUTSIDE the back door into the cold, down the freezing back stairs, into the naturally-refrigerated laundry, find spare nappies, reverse journey, get back into house.
  • 3:33 Discover that not only are we dealing with a wet nappy situation, it has upped to a wet trousers, wet shirt and wet singlet situation.
  • 3:34 Enter a futile conversation with Paris about the benefits of putting on the stripey shirt and lose.
  • 3:37 Golden moment of discovering that, despite the soaking of all outerwear, Paris has not wet the actual cot sheets!! Tuck her, sing to her, return to bed.
  • 3:38 Can't sleep. Brain has started to whir about things I cannot affect at this hour of the day. Try to sleep.
  • 3:41 Still trying to sleep. Think about all the work stuff I have to get through this week.
  • 3:52 Still trying to sleep. V wakes, goes to the bathroom, returns to bed and goes straight back to sleep.
  • 3:55 Try to toss and turn really quietly so as to ensure at least one adult gets a decent night (or morning)
  • 4:01 Start to whir about how I am going to fit in everything that needs to happen in regard to work stuff (more on that in a future post, no doubt) over the next 10 days.
  • 4:09 Try to switch my mind from all the frustrating things regarding the current work situation and contemplate the great things regarding the impending work situation
  • 4:14 Planning overseas holiday. I will need to get us all passports. What about 'Salina's schooling? Hmmm, when should I budget this all in? Where? Should we fix V's knees before or after? That reminds me, I must check on the our Health Insurance. I have to do the budget. When will I get the tax organised? Do I have any appointments I need to diarise? Oh no, back to the current work situation and my lack of time to deal...
  • 4:26 Cat is digging his litter tray really loudly.
  • 4:28 Still.
  • 4:29 Okay, I will get up and let you out, Eddie. Darn it, might as well stay up now.
  • 4:35 Make a pot of tea, justifying it by thinking I won't hit the coffee until a reasonable hour
  • 4:27 Realise that I have not had a pot for so long, I had forgotten the one golden rule of pre-warming the pot. Drink cool tea in penance.
  • Surf inanely on the web
  • 5:01 Shut the back door as my butt AND whole back are cold from the draft. It makes me a bad, but warm, cat owner.
  • 5:07 Think about another cup of tea but scrap that idea due to tepid response from last one.
  • 5:15 Think how, if we hadn't made the decision to sleep in today, 'Salina and I would be getting ready for our walk now.
  • 5:24 Read blogs by people I haven't read for years. Some of them haven't added to their blogs for years. Mourn.
  • 5:31 Think it is a good thing we didn't go for our walk, as it is freezing cold and still very dark.
  • 5:46 Decide to blog.
  • 6:16 Realise that I have written a very crappy post, but at least I have put it out there...

How are the mornings of the rest of the world panning out?


BB said...

VERY cool post. On many levels. You crack me up, and make me want to sing you back to sleep!!!

I understand and I hope that o/s trip comes to fruition in the forseeable future. *excitement*


Maria said...

Hey gorgeous, also up at 3.30.. but in line with radical new decision to give up the shoulds.. practiced ignoring the work not done and excavating the 'just what I bloody well feel like irrespective of any other consideration in the universe'.. so, it was a nice warm bowl of oats with golden syrup and milk, and snuggling back in bed with a novel for an hour, then back to sleep till 9am!!! This is the longest sleep in in about 18 years or so. And.. since I've read and written nothing not academic for over a year too... the novel, like this meandering reflection back at ya, is groundbreaking. I'm getting how you must feel with the new security etc. Think we have to relearn how to relax and enjoy it : )

jeanie said...

Oh great idea Maria - may steal it for next insomnia-affected morning!

Train Whistle Blowing, BB?

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Apart from a wee rising at about 7am I slept until 9.30am. Very rare, but obviously needed.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Oh man. You mad me laugh and flash back to those times I laid in bed and thought about the kid in the next room whose diaper probably needed changing and the dialogue (guilt and all) sounded a lot like that.

These days, I find myself awake at four am and unable to go back to sleep. I often give up, get up, grab my Kindle and go read whatever I've got on tap until around six-thirty or so.

Debby said...

SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM~! You're coming to the US?!!!!!!! Oh, my good heavens!

*much excitement*

*Eyes wide open in the dark*

Thanks for that Ms. Jeanie.

jeanie said...

Jen, I cannot do sleep ins these days. 7am is a sleep in for me.

Mary - no Kindle, and getting a new couch soon so there IS somewhere comfortable to read...

Debby - as in a mythical future point in time. Are you close to San Diego? That is where V's mother lives, so there is a little bit of a plan - will be easier to do so when our expenses dip below our income level...

Debby said...

Nope, it is on the other side of the country, several thousand miles away. I thought that you might be going to see V's family. I am already calculating how much three tickets would cost to fly you all here. There is so much your sister missed...have you ever seen Niagara Falls? Or Washington DC? Or...really...we MUST make this happen, and we can help. At this point our own trip is likely to be postponed until 2013 (let us pray that the world does not end in December 2012, that would so SUCK!) due to such things as saving enough vacation time w/ the new job and selling our old house (Tim is reluctant for whatever reason...) but it will happen. Lets just make sure that you're not in America whilst I am in Australia. Deal?

jeanie said...

I will make sure we check diaries before any jetsetting, okay! Can't wait to meet you in person - oh, and all that other stuff like waterfalls...