Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 - I've been waiting for a year like you

to come into my life.

In fact, much like the proverbial gin joint, any year would have done to get me out of the one that shall be henceforth never be referred to again without a spit to the floor or an avert sign flicked off the wrist.

It wasn't all bad, as far as years go - but it held a couple of curveballs that would have been a joy to watch, had it not been me at the plate and needing the hit.  It wasn't much past the half-way mark when I started to keep my head as low as possible and my strikezone shrank, but still some got through and so I weaved dreams I did not allow myself to contemplate life's breath to until we were past the danger zone that 2012 represented.

So 2013 - I have plans.  Wanna have some fun?


Debby said...


Melody said...

I'm glad to see the back of 2012 too. Roll on 2013!

BB said...

Oh I feel you. Am sure lucky 13 will be the year you hit home run after home run.

Jen said...

Happy new year, hope this one's a better one for you. And it's good to see you out and about on the internet more regularly.