Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ossie, Ossie, Ossie...

or as I prefer to refer to him, the ex from hell.

Hello from Paradise.  Today is beautiful right here - sunshine, hot enough to steam you from both sides as we have had some rain of late.  Plenty, in fact.

Just inland of us, there are 2,000 families who are without their homes tonight.  A little further inland are whole towns completely isolated, without power, communication or even potable water.

It puts things into perspective.

It puts our last few days into perspective.

So, how was your Australia Day celebrations?

Usual longer version ramble following, but right now I say:
  • I am grateful for the roof above my head and the safety that it offers me, as there are many (friends of mine included) who don't have that luxury thanks to a tornado that went by (2 blocks from here) when we were battened down with ex-tropical cyclone Oswald being a bit of a bastard in the region.
  • I love electricity.  After 51 hours without it, I love the fact that it offers hot water, fans, the kettle, stove/oven/microwave options, refrigeration, lighting, telephone connection, mobile recharging and entertainment options.
  • We now have an emergency kit list - and not a "one day we should" attitude.  Once shops are restocked, we will even purchase all those little things on it.
I hope you all fared well, and haven't been to Ossified.  If you have, feel free to share your stories - and if you want me to share them, I will on your behalf.


Jen said...

I had the migraine from hell for two days over the weekend, but I still have my home so I'm lucky. Glad you fared well, though powerless for 2 or more days isn't good.

jeanie said...

Oh Jen - I had a migraine all day Sunday on top of this, so I can comiserate on that level.