Sunday, June 24, 2007

(Al)most (A)mused

I was having a remarkable dream this morning - I can't really remember what it was about, except that one of the two special guests (either cats or doctors) was knocking on the door.

Unfortunately, it was 'Salina knocking on the door in real life, as she is completely incapable of tucking herself back into her own bed (on the up side, she no longer sees this as equating to needing to crawl in to my bed).

Taking advantage of the moment, I decided to make a pit stop on the way back to bed and buy myself an extra hour of sleeping in. The bedside clock said 5.45am but it was still pitch black outside.

I crawled back in, but it seemed my beloved V had used the moment wisely too, as he fits much more comfortably diagonally and no matter how craftily I tried to induce a change in his angle (and I did have the feet of ice to assist me here) all it really succeeded in doing was to banish all shreds of the dream I was trying to get back to.

So instead, I lay awake and started to whir - at least I whirred on other peoples problems, which is so much more satisfying than trying to find any of your own!

It is a glorious day in Paradise today, so it bodes well for some quality cycling time - which means that the option for physically exhausting 'Salina is open. Hooray - she was almost stir crazy yesterday.

We did attack another part of the kitchen "non-renovation" yesterday by removing a bench that contributed a little workspace in return for blocking access to about 3 times as much. 'Salina got involved too. We "indulged" her with the task of removing the screws from the main prop of the bench (that, and the fact she was the only one to be able to get into the space comfortably).

As is our wont, we were having a little banter about putting her to work, and V said "we don't really mean it, 'Salina, we're just paying each other out". Her reply: "You could pay me money."

Have you ever wondered about spam? I am thinking whoever put my latest entreaty together was either schizophrenic or a struggling sci-fi writer. A direct quote:

"What this was dragged the wandering traders to such a steel, but the background of my Dark Nebula within fifty years back. Only Periphery. My opinion the floor. I know? Twer he did not! I am not the orders no rate, tumult, roaring against: them and haven't the conversation by the finding it pretty soon in the problem, of metals on, the that the files and grinned back up here to join the Galactic ones of always; believed in a long as what I am sure. But, it was the City stroke the man: uses, of: the point. Of the belt and lieutenant you're right Ponyets, said half. I'll explain it."

I wish they would.

I would request an explanation of them, but I fear they may determine that I am actually MORE interested in their discount pharmaceuticals than my current lack of response has convinced them of.

After reading the above, I wonder did the writer have anything to do with the chemicals they are offering - and therefore should they not be illegal?

'Salina is requesting my presence immediately (as only a 7 year old can do) but I had to share with you yesterday's other project.

The teacher may well say she has focus issues, but when she gets her teeth into something firmly she doesn't let go. She decided to make a mailbox for our holiday ideas and letters and urged us to contribute. She also made V 3 pieces of mail, me 7 pieces of mail and the whole family got 2. (I did contribute 2 for all of us as well).

It was extremely difficult to read the first as, although she is inspired and creative, she does suffer from bad spelling (mainly due to speed requirements and lack of due diligence).

My letter:

To Jeanie
WoldWould you lick to cum to a fiste Feast you can bring a frnd friend with you. Ther there will be musk and fun.

(She had already done the above edit - but when I read it I had to double check who it was from and I read it aloud v-e-r-y carefully!!

Last night's good use of the oven was gourmet pizzas! We roasted zucchini, eggplant, capsicum and garlic and then concocted pizzas with that, feta, olives, salami, mushrooms and mozzarella - delish!!! 'Salina had mini pizzas with ham, grated carrot, grated zucchini, feta and mozzarella and also was very, very impressed.



How brave. I've never open an spam. Weird indeed.

I like her letter. *grin*

Hopefully school won't grind her creative side away. Institutions seem to forget how very very special young minds can be.

strauss said...

I have seen some of those weird spam comments, just begging you to reply with a disgruntled reply or google the key words - my advice DON'T DO IT....EVER.
Interesting letter hee hee. Although my spell checking is on par most of the time, as I am sure you will agree.
Pizzas sounded good - boy you guys are a busy lot.

jeanie said...

Elizabeth - I believe that you can't get nasties from looking at the text (unless it screws too much with your mind) - it is attachments that have evil!

Strauss - it sounds like you speak from experience on your spam advice.