Saturday, August 18, 2007

Salina Snippets on a Saturday

This morning, as I was taking the laundry down to be sorted and upon being requested to come and assist:

"No thanks, Mum. I am doing something good for my brain. This program is about the olden times."

This morning, I was as sick as only a mother can be after catching the lurgy from her little darling. And yes, it was just the lurgy - no, it is not any effect from anything my other darling may have passed on, okay?

My little sweetheart offered me a wet (read soaking) washer for my face and brought me in "the bucket". I had not realised that the bucket was required, but my little nurse reads the future better. My bigger darling did what real men do, and cleaned up (thank you darling) and 'Salina came in and immediately offered me food.

A few hours later her repeat requests to make me something finally got through and I got vegemite toast - as can only be concocted by a non-vegemite eater - but I ate with the appreciation of a grateful mother.

Mid afternoon and the cracking headache had retired to a corner of my head, enough for me to spend a little quality time with my family.

Do you know how grateful I am for my little family?

Patent Application: 'Salina applies physics to dripping tap

My daughter is constantly curious, wonderfully creative and generally a joy to be around. I love her so much.

And V - where do I begin? As well as all those qualities I won't spill to a room full of strangers, he is my "perfect" partner - because we both realise that perfection is something we would not desire in a person and our rough spots are as endearing. And what man walks into a situation like ours and is willing to step up and be my daughter's father figure, play baseball with her, cycle with her, tell her (and show her) to eat her veges and allow her to explore what having a father is all about?

By this afternoon, I was well enough to cook Crazy Trace's Golden Caramel Cake - it is my mum's birthday today and I was meant to have her and Dad stay the night, cook the birthday dinner and cake - the works - but my health state this morning meant that they are coming tomorrow now.

How many muffins did we make?

As I didn't have a baba cake pan, I made them in muffin cases. That way my taste testers can have a try without wrecking the cake - I made a dozen really big ones from her recipe and cooked them for 30 minutes rather than 45.

'Salina asked whether she and V could test the biggest ones, as that way they would get the best idea on how they tasted! Minx.

The Throne

I think I am recovered from the worst of this morning's combination of migraine and sinus cold - still fairly vague (noo, can you tell?) but 'Salina came up to me before and said

"Mum, this happens to you every month. I think it is always the 18th too"

I wonder - must check the diary.

Any suggestions?


shishyboo said...

Salina is one cluey kid!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Yes, Salina is a clever kid. Sounds like she's more in tune with your cycle than you are!

Cycle or not, I'm glad you're on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling a little brighter. Isn't it so nice to be cared for when you are not at your best?

I must say those muffins look scrumptious..what was the verdict on those?

Tracey said...

Yes, what was the verdict on the cake?!!
I really hope you're feeling better. And if 'Salina's right, what a rotten thing to go through every month. What an observant thing she is! And gorgeous too. I reckon she and my Zoe might enjoy each other's company too!

strauss said...

I am so glad that I have been able to get on to your blog today! I have had trouble with the computer freezing everytime.
I am now up to speed with what is going on, only to learn that you have been sick, how you are on the mend now and am glad to hear that your lovely family are taking such good care of you. I loved 'Salina's drippy tap stopper, that is just wonderful. Nice to see a picture of her smiley face.