Friday, August 10, 2007

Ticking this one oof the list

Yay, I have made it to 100 - oh the angst, oh the procrastination, oh the inspirations that have attacked in the shower, the car, the shopping centre, the garden - everywhere it seems but in front of the computer - that have faded as I sit and face the screen.

On the weekend Monday Wednesday Yesterday Today I thought I would take you on a tour, handing out awards that I have been charged to present on my way.

But before I begin, a mention to an article I read in one of the weekend papers. The story of Abebe Fekadu is one of inspiration and I truly hope that he attains his dream of competing for Australia in Beijing.

Where to start? According to the rules of the award I received from BrissieMum2, I have to pass along awards to 5 chosen recipients.

To start, I wish I had the sheer bitchitude of the first recipient. I would like to present AngryBlackBitch a gong, because this woman tells it the way she sees it and pulls little punches when she looks at politics or injustices in the American system. I just wish I had half her bitchitude most days.

I would also like to acknowledge So Sioux Me as she looks at issues of empowerment for women through her writing, her life and her works.

Jen at Semantically Driven certainly deserves this award, as she give many great tips on blogging, is always responsive to comments and an all around lovely lady. Oh - and if you are an Adelodian I believe she is helping to organise a gathering there soonish...

The Wait and The Wonder is one of the first blogs I ever came across, and Moreena is witty, wise and wonderful - and the mother of two beautiful girls, one a transplant recipient.

Finally, I would like to award Spilt Milk this award, although her creativity is only part of the package - but I first found her through Poetry Thursday and has a lovely poem today about Beauty.

I would go on - there are many I have found in the last 9 months worthy of mention - but you have waited 6 days


Tracy said...

Jeanie - Thank you so much! What a compliment :) I'll go put it proudly in my sidebar. {HUGS}

Is this a meme? Do I need to pass these awards on to others as well?

Have a great weekend!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Jeanie, thanks very much for thinking of me as a thoughtful blogger.

Anonymous said...

Ack! Did I never say 'thank you' for this award? Sheesh!

Thank you! Thank you!