Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If you love your dog but want to visit (another) paradise

Hey there - left you all with the news that I was going to stay with a friend at the Sunshine Coast.

Well, for all of you who want to have a week at the Sunshine Coast, but don't want to leave your dog behind, can I HIGHLY recommend the house she rented for the week?

Beachdog is a really great spot - my friend and her two dogs would agree!

Lovely and cool, a very leafy yard - a pool (which 'Salina spent most of her waking minutes in), a short walk to a dog friendly beach, enough bathrooms for the amount of guests it can hold and a new kitchen.

My sending plaudits its way is not a paid endorsement - just hopefully a community service to those who have a desire to have a relaxing holiday AND take their dogs too!


Jen at Semantically driven said...

It sounds pawfect. I'm looking to go somewhere during our winter here too and it would be great to take the dog, but I shall see. I'd have to drive and it would take a while to get there but there are websites that list dog friendly accommodation in Aus.

jeanie said...

Hmm - yes, its a pity its more than a few hour drive from you.

They are also listed on some of those websites you mention.