Saturday, January 05, 2008

It could get worse

Thank you all for your feedback to my last post. It is nice to know (especially at this time of the month) that I should be appreciated for sending danger signals!

And as I wandered across the internet yesterday, I found I was in good company - Queen of Shake Shake was showing how to put the condition to good use.

V despairs of the future, as he feels that he will be entering the gates of hell when 'Salina is old enough to allow hormones to dictate how shirty she gets.

I soothed him as best I could. "It won't go on forever."

"Yeah, I suppose so. One day you will stop."

"Yep." I smiled - "one day I won't have a hormone cycle to do this and I can be grouchy at any time - sort of like a man."



Dear V. My father survived a wife and 4 daughters
My brother-in-law is surviving a wife and 3 daughters.
Yours truly, E: who was smart enough to have a boy so she didn't have to share.

Oh and watch out, periods tend to synchronize when women live together. *gentle, well meaning laughter*

Tracey said...

Yes tell V it could be worse! My dearly beloved has 3 daughters plus me to contend with. That said, as you so beautifully put it, we have to put up with him any time! :p

Ms. Skywalker said...

Sort of exactly like a man.

Heather said...

I suggest next month that you have the man perform some home improvement projects that include heavy lifting (arm bulges!) and power tools.


I find it quite funny how I will despise my husband for a week, and then 24 hours after Aunt Flo arrives, I want to do odd things like hold his hand and kiss him. wha?

Thanks for the linky love!