Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Organisational Strategy you have when you are not having an organisational strategy

You can hardly tell that I anticipate hitting the bitumen in only a few hours for a four day stay with 'Salina's extended family.

I mean, there is washing in the machine awaiting pegging - washing that I hope to have folded and even some packed for the adventure.

There is nary a suitcase in sight, let alone the resurfacing of my old faithful packing list.

I even have the "you have a report to write" bell tolling in my brain before I hit the road.

I have not yet contacted most of my Brisbane friends, and 'Salina's Auntie S was told we would be there "sort of mid-afternoon" - subtract 5 hours for driving and it seems that skate time is starting to approach.

One of the best things I ever introduced to motherhood was my Packing List. It is a piece of cardboard (somewhere) that has been used from babyhood until most recently very effectively. These days, there is not as much emphasis on taking the tonne of toys and a bit more on pens, paper and books. It helps me focus my mind and get my proverbial into gear, and my gear into the port.

I can't find it, but my whole morning is not falling apart as a result.

No, this distinct lack of organisation is a strategy. Sort of a meditative approach designed to reduce my stress levels. It will still take me until mid-morning to leave, so whether I approach it in a flurry with the 1001 things to do right now scramble, or ninja-like will make little difference at 10.30 when I suddenly realise that the mid-afternoon window at the other end of the journey is closing.

Part of my procrastination is the fact that this four days in Brisbane is four days away from V, and I really like having him near me. I am not going to blow away in a puff of wind if he is not by my side - more that its great to know I can reach out and touch him, rather than revert to long distance longing that was the beginning of our relationship. I have him where I want him (and despite recent posts, that can be a comfortable position for him most of the time) and now I am the one having to do the leaving on Sunday ritual.


So - to the trusty to-do list, and I hope to see you all when I return to the 'sphere on Wednesday.


Julie Pippert said...

Good luck with listing, traveling, family-ing and being away.

Anonymous said...

Roflol, I too am a list person, although somehow I still end up running around the house looking for the things I think I may have forgotten to write on the list.
Have a great trip. see you when you get back

Lin said...

"No, this distinct lack of organisation is a strategy. Sort of a meditative approach designed to reduce my stress levels." Oh, I can soooo recognise myself in that!!!

Hope you got all the important things packed, that you still left early enough not to suffer 5 hours of stress worrying about arriving too late and that you have/had a wonderful time in Brissy!

Brissiemum2 said...

Rofl! I always use the packing list! What does that mean?? Although I also use a weekly menu plan so that my daily life doesn't fall to pieces either. Bit anal but works so effectively!

Enjoy your time away. We Bris-Vegas people aren't so bad, you know! And at least it's stopped raining!