Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Always looking on the bright side...

One of the wonderful things about being affianced to a brickie is that they get downtime during wet weather. This brings to mind playtime a chance to get chores done around the house.

Of course, one of the not so wonderful things about being affianced to a brickie is that they get unpaid downtime during wet weather. But hey, you get plenty of time to work on the budget.

Today was such a day. The good news (finally) for V is that I actually got to do a little work today so that $685 clutch repair required on my car will only blow our budget to smithereens, rather than to Katmandu.

When I started to think about writing this post, this was our backyard.
V had just measured the rain from the gauge - 57mm (just over 2 inches in the old money).

My view from the desk to was inspirational, and I picked up the camera to capture the results.

It was nice to see that the windows on the front veranda had anticipated my need to wash the floors, and had prepped them nicely.

'Salina was very slow to get down to her homework, as the whistling wind and cacophony of the rain was distracting - who am I kidding, she can be distracted by nothing. However

my lack of alacrity on that darned pandanus pile mocks me, as it is now a flood level for us to measure in the back yard.

And still it kept raining.

"Hooray" shouted 'Salina, "my backyard is now a swimming pool."

So was the front yard.

The two boys you can just make out at the causeway thought better of hopping in upstream, and threw themselves into the water on the sea side - and hopped out again quick smart as they hit the corner. Somehow sense must have made an impact.

Then the rain turned in to a deluge, and the causeway went under and our road became part of the stormwater drain.

So, looking on the bright side - umm, isn't it a good thing that I hadn't mowed that part of the lawn on the weekend?


Alison said...

Woah! Mother Nature always has a way of leaving me in awe of her power.
Hope you're all keeping safe.

Julie Pippert said...

How familiar that all looks.

A storm here a couple of weeks back sent water into the house. We've weathered (here) a hurricane and a number of tropical storms and none have done that...that's how fierce the storm and rainfall were!

Hope you dry out!

BB said...

Gads... that's impressive! Rapids past your driveway. Hope the water has subsided a little! Granite GLen not so 'fortunate' as Paradise in the rain dept. Keep those oars handy!
Bush Babe xx

Tracey said...

Holey dooley. I was thinking about you when they said on the news last night that coastal QLD was copping it. While I'm hanging out washing again today after another day of rain yesterday, and standing ankle deep in water, at least it isn't flowing.

A 16 yr old boy from my daughter's school drowned last week in a swollen creek. (He and mates had boogie boards had been riding the rapids, but he slipped in when walking across the creek and.... yeah.... drowned.) You talking about the two boys on the causeway made me think of it. I know boys in particular like to push the envelope, and get rid of the 'cabin fever' from the rain, but around that age they don't seem to have a self-preservation gene.

jeanie said...

Of course, the good news is that it has all drained away today without any damage here - just a tad to the South copped it big time! I have not yet measured the rain because there is a pool of water between the fence (where the gauge is) and where I can get to.

Tracey - I was very mindful of that watching those boys. An 18yo drowned in Brisbane last week doing the same thing. Why is it this elicits "cool, we'll try that" rather than the "cripes, better never do that" from teenage boys?

Anonymous said...

Wow my dear that is a lot of water!

You can bring it this way if you like !!!!