Friday, February 22, 2008

Five get down in Paradise

Isn't blogging a funny thing? You begin to write one because - well, you read a few, you like a few, you may get the guts confidence to put your head up and comment, you think you might have something to say, you need someone to talk to, you take photos, you write poetry, you ride a bike - there are a thousand becauses and all of them are good and worthy.

And along the way, you "meet" other bloggers - you like one of their comments on another blog so you click on through, you think their name is interesting on a blogroll, they stumble across you and say g'day, someone else likes their stuff and links it, you join a community and - well, its all discovery, isn't it?

And then there are games you can play - there seems to be a game or two for every day of the week where you can do your own post on a theme, a letter, a photo, an idea. There are festivals and competitions and challenges and awards - and memes.

You can see where I am leading, right?

You can see this is a roundabout way of saying I've been tagged by a lady I met through such a procession.

Because I found Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and sent Bush Babe to check it out (which helped her over the hurdle of starting her own blog) where she wrote a comment and attracted a few interesting ladies to comment on hers who I then clicked on - and that is where I found Debby.

Man, I am glad I did. This lady is funny but wise and witty and between the lines you realise that life may not have been always as amusing, but she is darned determined to find the joy - and "Life's Funny Like That" was a great blog to find.

So anyway, I am meant to talk about "My Five Pet Peeves". The problem is, she has taken a lot that I would love to have put down!

And while I would love to play on words and include "Pet" as the focus, we only have Eddie and he is far too beautiful to relate to the word "Peeves".

So I pondered - and I thought "man, you have been whinging for days and I am sick to death of all this negativity, so anyone left reading you will be begging for mercy if you make it too blue".

But then I thought "well, with all this whinging, I am getting pretty good at it, so lets let it go with both barrels".

Which brings me to my first peeve.

1. I hate it when the voices in my head start arguing and neither side will listen to reason! I mean, I need a mediator in there to sort things out occasionally. Except, of course, a mediator would never find her way through all the other carp that I just shove in there and be so exasperated when she finds them battling that she would probably just hit them together or start another argument. See - even my imaginary mediator is ready for a stoush! Don't you just wish they would all sit quietly some time and let it all be? Ommmm.

2. I hate that I have always been absolutely adamant about how good Yoga and Meditation would be for me, and yet I have never actually gone. Can you believe it?

3. I hate how I am can't just slip down to put something extra into the bin at 6.25am on garbage days because I am still in my nightie and there is a construction site on the other side of the road. Why can't I just make myself invisible for the purposes of the exercise? It would save a lot of frustration and angst my end. Of course, I could cause them a little frustration by an early morning stroll in the negligee - but then the above voices would be hammering at me again, and I need a few caffeine hits to handle them.

4. I hate that the school bus returns my daughter just as I get my teeth into a good rant and therefore I am stuck in the quandary of quality time with 'Salina vs quality time griping, and just when the Good Jeanie wins that battle I get advised that 'Salina has social plans and can she go play with the girl down the road, and Bad Jeanie is all dancing and ecstatic because now she can get a bit more off her chest.

5. I hate that I have enjoyed this so much! It should be harder to find things to get stuck in my craw - I should not be able to just fire off five and feel disappointment that there is only 5, and not 10 or 20 more because I just remembered about kicking bricks and the angst of passing this on and Centre!ink visits and outlaws and cats and hoons and hairstyles and ....

Well, we have now scientifically proven that I am a champion whinging cow, and now I have the pleasure of tagging - well, anyone who wants to play, really.

I have just discovered how much fun it is, I want to spread the Joy! (Oh, and I have a decision-making crisis if I were to tag, having recently given all my known readers awards and I don't want to show any favour) (I know, that IS bull, but I still have the same crisis, just can't choose between you all) (yes, yes - bull again, any of you still reading. Anyone? Anyone at all?)


Alison said...

LOL! You are hilarious! I love your double barrel approach!
My "Om" is more of an "Ummm" these days, so don't feel to peeved - Quiet time isn't always as productive as a good stoush.
As for not having enough room to include a hairstyle peeve... Well, thanks for giving the voices in my head something else to argue about.

Lin said...

Yes? I'm listening?

I was a tad dissapointed too that there were only five. (And I have been doing point 2 for about 20 years too!)

Debby said...

The voices in my head have been speaking nicely to one another, using their 'inside' voices. Getting them all to that point was quite the struggle, but so totally worth it.

Tracey said...

LOL. I was still reading to the end. I must get off on other people's peeves as well as my own! Either that or yours are incredibly well expressed!

I'm behind in my meme-ing and tagging. Can't promise anything, but I'll throw it up in the blog post topic whirlpool and see whether anything comes out of it.

The Brave said...

Yes I too was with you till the end. I have had to have a bit of a think about my pet peeves. I afraid, once I start I won't be able to stop.

BB said...

We were all there til the end love... and nodding our heads in agreement (relevant to both you and the rest of US!). I dub thee Champion Whinger of the Blog!
Your ever-lovin' sista!

bichonpawz said...

Great post! And I can SO relate to many of the things you said!!

Brissiemum2 said...

Well I can say that my pet peeve is my pet! Rofl! One who brings raw chicken necks onto $800 rugs and pees on daughter's bed! Arrrrghhhhh!

And my blogging connection came the other way around....found chat group first which then lead to blogging! Hmmmmm....what does that mean??