Saturday, February 02, 2008

When I'm Sixty-Four

You know how you just sit down in front of the computer because you have had a hard slog in the garden and its a few hours until the circus and nothing on TV and you are percolating a little post in your mind and you think you might just check out a few bloglines and notice that Picklebums has a post about the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers at All For Women - and I am Number 64, baby!!! The fact that until recently they only did the Top 50 and have recently expanded makes me very appreciative!

That first number (225,753) is my Technorati rank (apparently) - this measures how many places out there have linked to me, either in posts or blogrolls - or through magical tricks in their comments (still don't really understand "NoFollow")

The second number (35,016) is my Alexa ranking, and I have NO IDEA how that one really works, except to inform me that 0.00002% of the internet thinks I am wonderful (thank you, all of you).

The third number is an average of those two - and voila, there are 63 sites I need to check out some time to see where I can improve or steal (only joking - you can tell when its not my work by the apparent lack of waffle).

I also get to put a new little pic in my sidebar:

Those that I already know, read OR have read in the Top 100:
Number 7 - All for Women - they also have a forum and a bloggers forum - and have recently done a "sisterly" deal with Imaginif
Number 9 - Imaginif - a wonderful service to the community with a marvellous woman at the helm
Number 13 - Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum - check it out - she has just announced some exciting news
Number 14 - Sueblimely Discovering Blogging - I have just discovered Sue Blimely through the Australian Bloggers Forum
Number 32 - Mad Goat Lady - the reason that I first discovered the All for Women site (and service)
Number 30 - Virtual Assistant - having found her through ABF, I read with intent
Number 36 - Aussie Bloggers - the blog behind the forum
Number 38 - Lightening - I am not sure where or when, but a good find
Number 45 - crazy meezer - met through AFW forum
Number 46 - Semantically driven - one of my oldest (as in long term) blogging buddies
Number 62 - Magnetoboldtoo - through ABF
Number 69 - Three Ring Circus - there are two blogs with this name, and I was confused for ages til I worked out the Aussie one!
Number 71 - Dances to the beet of her own drum - I met through a forum
Number 72 - Roaming Aussie Mum - ditto
Number 76 - Dancing about Architecture - ditto
Number 77 - Blogging Personal A new blog just released!!! Again, a forum find
Number 81 - Picklebums - ditto
Number 90 - Bone blower - ditto
Number 95 - Moggie Madness - and again!

Anyhow - back to battle with the photos from our morning and contemplate the afternoon delights - cheers!!


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Congrats on your launch into the top 100 aussie women bloggers. I'm glad you clarified the 'old' bit about me.

katef said...

woohoo 64! well done! I have no idea bout technocrati and Alexia... I guess I should do some reading as I am aiming for top 50 next time.... may as well aim high hey!

BB said...

Wonderful - of course you are top 10 in my book (at least!). Congrats and love from
Bush Babe

The Brave said...

Wow, that is pretty darn impressive. Good on you.

Tracey said...

Yep, definitely top 10 in my book as well! Good for you!! Biggest question is.. will you still need me, will you still... um.. read me... when you're

jeanie said...

Thank you very much.

And don't worry - 5 of my top 10 just commented, so I will still be your fans!

Maude Lynn said...

Congratulations! Just don't forget us little people!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo...great to see you there Jeanie..that Leigh is such a talent and does such a fantastic job compiling that list...not a task i would envy at all.

Julie Pippert said...

Congrats to you!!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

very creative - I saw it first on Kate's blog too -

how do you do that screen capture with the red circle ...please teach me.

I love learning things about blogger blogs.

I like you blog. I know quite a few on the Top 100 too but I aim to visit all of them this month.

Cheers must have needed a long drink and a packed lunch to do that klist of linky love.


jeanie said...

mama zen - as if you are the little people!!

Thanks Julie :)

MGL - she truly is, isn't she?

Trish - ctrl-prt scr captured my screen image to my clipboard; I opened a blank Fireworks canvas, pasted it, cut it and put a red circle on it - voila!! The list was easy, as I blog in html and the list (with links) was on the AWF site!