Friday, January 30, 2009

An (un)electrifying day

I truly feel for my Southern borthers and sisters at the moment. Truly I do.

Part of the reason that I left Melbourne after a year is it really has no concept as to how to run a good weather show. And my memories of my two (separate) weeks in Adelaide was "don't get weather (and where is the moisturising cream)" and "still don't get weather (but love the music)".

I had to return to Queensland. I mean, sure it does howlers around August and can ramp the temperature up quite well come Summer (or even any other season) BUT it knows how to do it well.

And I really do feel for my Northern hemisphere cousins. I can only imagine how extreme cold must feel.

I made a decision 14 years ago that I don't do Winter and therefore I spent real money on a holiday to the snow because when you make such decisions, you have to do so with style.

I even strapped planks of wood to my feet and maintained a certain verticality while whistling down (gentle) slopes. In fact, with my "fake it until you make it" attitude I even got to the orange slopes, which was just as well as the only other way to return to the lodge was by t-bar, and that is one thing that I didn't manage.

So I was extremely glad I live in Paradise yesterday, because the balmy 28 degrees with a gentle breeze was required for the hours of no electricity while they put up new poles and rewired the corner.

We got notice on Tuesday that there would be no power from 8.30 until 1.30.

Okay, I thought, that is okay and made sure that I made no promises to clients for that time.

Okay, I thought, and immediately slated the housework for the month week into that 5 hour window of opportunity.

Okay, I thought, V's home, there are many projects a newly married couple can undertake without power.

We had to scratch the last thought, though - highset house + 4 loads of cherry-pickers out of the window = more effort for housework.

By 11, the office had been reorganised and cleaned of dust. Lots of dust, a few found items and WOW organised shelves!

By 12.30, the floors were glistening and the toilet smelt fresh.

By 1.30 - well, by 1.30 I must admit the rushed tidy up for the rest of the house had avoided the more serious bathroom and kitchen issues, but all in all I was pretty satisfied.

By 2, there were still 4 cherrypickers in the wires.

By 2.30 I was having serious internet withdrawals and leaving messages for the client.

By 3 I was trying on the above empathy for others to dissuade my inclination toward self-woe.

I went out to get 'Salina from the school bus and got to chat to a few workers during the wait.

Apparently Ergon have a habit of being "optimistic" - and their optimism isn't enough for the contracters to work faster. Something about doing it "right" rather than "fast". Fair enough.

Today, twice as much work as slated - still looking for salaries but heck, there is something in sending out invoices and hoping for payment that can make your own bills seem more manageable - and V got a hopeful call for a start some time in February.

Its funny - when things get big and ominous, the smallest reprieve can seem delightful.

I truly hope all of you get some reprieve today - be it weather, financial, health or a combination.


Debby said...

Yes, we could use a reprieve over here. We had power though.

Anonymous said...

Yep, feeling pretty happy I'm not in Mebourne or Adelaide right now. WE have our weather moments in Perth, but on whole I think the climate is excellent here - never more than occasionally extreme (hot) and nice defined seasons to keep you sane.

Sounds like you coped admirably without power. I think I would have just left the house, but then I'll do anything to avoid housework. :)

Brissiemum2 said...

I am so glad that I'm not in a southern state atm! For once, Qld has the nice weather and others get it extremely hot....what a change for the first week back at school in unairconditioned classrooms!!!!

I hate having no electricity. Actually, I really feel for those suffering the heat atm who have no power to run basic things like icy fridges and air cons!

And how typical of a corporation to try and rush through jobs! Grrrrrr! Bring back the good old days when work was done slowly and correctly and without pressure!

Jayne said...

Yes, I'm in Melbourne at the moment but you could have offered to kidnap me or pack me in your suitcase or something, Jeanie LOL.

Currently 39.5 C in Melbourne *whimper*

Anonymous said...

Hoping you get a break soon.

Be it weather, financial or health or all of them, really.

We had power out last Monday and it was stinking hot. It near killed us with no a/c and no fans.

Killed us, I tell you.

Mary O. Paddock said...

I think it might be almost worse to have no electricity in the heat than in the cold.

I made my own break. I treated myself to a couple of new books. With no electricity and the house dark I was limited in my house cleaning options so I could just sit and read and not feel guilty about it.

Anonymous said...

And what of your northern brothers and sisters who are in the midst of a hell wet season and a huge dengue outbreak - not in my street (yay)- and CONSTANT rain. Am now living in a swamp which is heaven to cane toads and green tree frogs and, oh my, the sound. I can't sleep for their calls and the curlews - but it's almost cold here (mid 20s) and right now, I really wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh my God - what WAS that ramble...?


Guess playing with power tools would be hard without electricity.

...sorry but us old married couples have a strange sense of humour some days.

Maude Lynn said...

Yesterday, we had snow on the ground. The forecast for today is 67. Weird, but a reprieve!

Woman in a Window said...

Funny, your +28 is cool compared to the +43 we've been hearing about over there. BUT =28 is my upper most level. And then no hydro. I'm hyperventalating just thinking about it. Ah shit, I guess I'll keep our snow.