Monday, March 02, 2009

Jeanie and her string of calamitous events

I was at Granite Glen on the weekend - a little computer mustering; a little offering of 'Salina for grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and horses to delight in; a little giving V some peace and quiet.

While there, I had the unfortunate experience of finding something under the wheel of the office chair.

It sounds so innocuous, doesn't it.

"finding something under the wheel of the office chair"

Do you know what the something was?

It was my mobile phone charger - oh, not the whole thing (which would have made an awful speed hump on my sliding around BushBabe's office) (and I am not sure I would have had the run up required), just one little bit of it.

One tiny little bit.

That tiny little bit what sticks in the phone.

You know.

That tiny little bit what sticks in the phone and charges is. Makes it work. Enables you to call, take calls, text, find phone numbers and rings an alarm when 'Salina is due to leave the house to catch the school bus.

Yep. That would be the school bus she missed this morning.

But do you know what?

I am all for silver linings.

I arrived home from Granite Glen without any problems, thus negating the need for the safety device for the 200 km trip home. Heck, over 130 of that doesn't have mobile coverage anyway, so it was false security. Of course, my thumb itched to send the "MP" and "GG" (milestones on the trip) to V, but each time it did, the cents I saved just chimed back.

I have had enough work over the last two days that I have been firmly tied to the office, and not needed to be out and about.

I was able to find my ex-SIL's phone number on an old statement and call to enquire after the health of the family.

I was able to find my ex-MIL's phone number from her to wish her well on her operation this morning.

I got to drive 'Salina to school, therefore giving her those few precious moments to remember I had to pay for an Arts council ticket for her. I had exactly the right amount in my purse for that purpose.

And tomorrow, I will be in town anyway so I will see about a replacement then.

I will be in town because I have to give blood. Yep, that blood I couldn't give at the start of the month due to antibiotics, that blood that I couldn't give last week because of the adverse reaction to a coffee - another silver lining.

Pronoia - it is the best game invented!!!


Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! I am really happy to hear you are giving blood.

There is always a silver lining, isn't there.

Debby said...

*groan* about the cell phone charger, but glad their are so many silver linings of late. Especially glad about work.

Jayne said...

Good to see those silver linings aren't hiding ;)


...on the sunny side of the street.

Best place to be. *grin*

Pencil Writer said...

OK, Jeanie. I had to look it up. Pronoia. Never crossed before my eyes prior to this reading--least as far as I know.

Just to keep things straight, I rarely suffer from pronoia or its opposite. Just rarely. Not exclusively.

Thanks for expanding my vocabulary and overall education. Smiles!

Now, can you tell me what this means? "throses" It's my WV.