Friday, September 24, 2010

Nurse Jeanie gets confused

Poor 'Salina - her week at Bush Babe's was cut short by 3 days because she had a pain in the tummy so bad she was crying and off her food. BB took her to the doctor's, who said it might be the onset of appendicitis and get her back here where there is a hospital and medical care available. (Yep - bewdy Qld Health - they live in an area of over 2000 people - the majority elderly - serviced by 1 locum. They have to travel over 200km before they hit a permanently placed doctor, let alone a hospital)

So my yesterday was spent in the car for hours (as opposed to my tomorrow, when I was going out to collect) to meet them half-way and bring her home. She was fine by the time I saw her, well enough to have dinner and sleep.

At 2.45 this morning she woke me in tears because it was back, and so after a chat to Mr 13Health gave her a panadol and then took her in to the hospital when there was no improvement.

(Side note - the $40 million upgrade to the hospital includes the BRAND NEW emergency department. Still shows blood on the floor, though - enough to show just how shoddy the attempt to clean up the trail of blood from a previous client truly was. Acoustics are still the same the world over - its only in emergency you get to catch up on the social life of the nurses of the world. We all agreed the male nurse would just have to let go of the argument about his girlfriend adjusting the shower head.)

The doctor (who I think studied medicine about when Menzies was elected) with very squeaky shoes gave her a thorough checking over, to declare it was NOT appendicitis but Intestinal Colic - a common ailment cluttering the hallways of Emergency Departments the world over, and adequate pain relief should cover.

5am we left to see the sunrise, learn that special machines are used to polish the pedestrian crossings, find out my blood alcohol level was indeed 0.00% and chortle over the foamy fountain some prankster had added detergent to.

Since getting home, Dr Google has told me that Intestinal Colic is a symptom, not a diagnosis - and (as the doctor advised me) from a myriad of causes; many (including our GP's receptionist) have given me anecdotes about how no-one should ever rule out grumbling appendixes (appendici?) as they can flare without warning and cause many anecdotes (if not death); and dd has had another attack to the point of tears.

Aargh!! Of all the strings to my mother bow, medical matters are totally absent (I will change channels should anything medical ever surface on my screen - heck, I will walk away from the television and do the washing up rather than watch such stuff) and therefore I am clueless.

What should I do (other than offer pain relief and hope she will get better)?

(And oh yes, I am still (obviously) imperfect...)


Missy Boo said...

Poor 'Salina :( Hope she gets better quickly xxx

Mary O. Paddock said...

Oh. You so have my sympathies. Personally, I'd seek out (demand) a second opinion. I don't know whether it's appendicitis or not, but it doesn't sound like something that should be blown off without management either.

Pencil Writer said...

Jeanie, I'm with Mary Paddock! I don't know if it's easily done, but I know of some who've had children with the old appendix on again/off again stuff--only to have it develop in to true serious stuff.

From what I've heard, it is a difficult diagnosis to make--unless proper sonograms, etc. are done to check it out.

Prayers are with you (against the awful aggravation of the social medical ineptitude people the world over have to contend with) and with Salina for healing quickly without any further pain and suffering, God willing.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie, I'm saddened to hear Salina is still unwell. The kids and I so enjoyed her (and alls) company at Granite Glen this week. I would head straight to another (trusted) Dr for a second opinion, insist on Xray/ultrasound, whichever the Dr says will show appendix issues clearer and don't give up. (and don't worry about not being as 'medically trained' as you think you should be - mother's instinct wins out in this regard EVERY time!!!) Love to you all! xoxox Leonie.

Farmers Wifey said...

Aww I'm sorry Salina is not the best..I agree with the above posters as well.....

Side note, when you have time can you add a little "y" on the end of my name Farmers Wife on your sidebar, I changed to Farmers Wifey and love seeing it everywhere !!!!!! Love to you xx

BB said...

I know how much she wanted to stay on for the mustering - which tells you how much pain she was really in! We miss her here and promise to have plenty of riding for the next visit...

Hugs and ♥

Debby said...

Holy cow. This is the very worst. I hate when something's going on, but nobody can quite decide what it is. Cara is a great one for mystery ailments, and she's in the middle of one now. But she's 20 and ignores me when I tell her, over and over again that she has to see a doctor. I plead. She's just too busy she tells me. I swear. Literally.

Crazed Nitwit said...

First off~HUGS!

2~blood on the floor? I'd walk straight out.

3-better safe than sorry. Ultrasound is something the hospital should have done. Here in the US they need to cover their asses so they usually will run some bloodwork (ie white blood cell count etc) and do some type of imaging test.

4-WTF? Do they not respect your mother's instinct?

5-is panadol the same as tylenol?


7-go with your gut. Moms usually know when something is off.

jeanie said...

Thanks everyone for the good wishes.

I often double-guess myself on anything medical (the only thing I can diagnose is hypochondria, and I am wrong at least 50% of the time on that call).

Yesterday she was better - then worse - then better - then much worse - but today, much much better again.


Anonymous said...

Poor Salina - hope she feels better soon.

katepickle said...

I'm late to this (see imperfect again LOL) but I hope she is feeling better. I hate that uncertain trip to emergency only to be fobbed off by some Dr or other, only to find out later that you were totally justified!