Monday, September 27, 2010

'Salina Guest Post - wanting to eat the t.v.

at the moment i have to fast, so i'm watching a show that was taped. On the tape after that was junior master chef, and they were cooking what looked like an angel [not realy, it realy looked like a block of custard pudding with a beautiful sauce, any way...] i felt like eating the t.v. so then mum says 'clear the tabel for lunch' i was think 'but i can't eat mum!!!!!'.

i'm telling you she's torturing me by eating, but i have to go for another 3 hours wthout food or water, i'd like to see her go for 6 hours without food or water.

:] :]


Crazed Nitwit said...

A mum's job is to torture her children. She's just doing her job! Hope all is well.

Jayne said...

Hope you got something nice to gnaw on, 'Salina ;)

Debby said...

Salina: here's an idea that might work, since you're not a grown up, and a beautiful not grown up at that. Whenever you have tests that require you to fast, ask that they be done first thing in the morning, so that you simply have to go to sleep, wake up hungry, and then get the test done first thing, and then eat right away. I always try to do that. It doesn't always work, but it's worth a shot. And don't hesitate to cry if you think that it might persuade the powers that be to do things your way. Much love and I hope they figure out what is going on. And if I give you Cara's e-mail address, could you send her a sensible e-mail explaining how sick people go to see doctors. She won't. And she's too grown up for me to make her go. Maybe you can help.

Missy Boo said...

Hope your mum provided you with lots of yummy goodness when the fasting was over ;)

BB said...

Morning Salina! Now, be good and ignore your mother (you can tell her I said that!) as she eats... I shall post up some whip cracking photos and you can point them out to her, knowing you crack a whip WAY better than she!

BB (your favourite Aunt!)