Monday, December 27, 2010

Bad weather - guest post by 'Salina

This is just outside our house. Normally the water doesn't overflow the bridge, but for the last few days, it has nearly overflowed every high tide...

In town, its a different matter.

Yesterday, we went for a drive to see...

We tried to go around via the Causeway, but as you can see, it was a little bit flooded.

This is water flowing over - no cars were allowed to go through.

(Mum put up a video I took of the pond near Paris' childcare)

I thought the golf club could have been a water land - there were so many ponds instead of sand traps..

On the way to town, the paddocks had turned into ponds.

The paddock on the other side had just been picked of its sweet potatoes.

Here is the Sweet Potato field..

We drove along past the cricket fields - or rather cricket lake.

At the park (which we didn't photograph this time around) the toilets were under water!

The skate park was part of the water world also. There were people swimming, but the thought of the toilet water mixed in there meant I didn't even want to walk in the mud!!!

Of course, most of our sightseeing was actually like this.

And our faces are looking like this after a few days of this rain...

But in the darkest places even in bad weather you can stil find a smile.


Debby said...

Your new hair cut and your pierced ears make you look very grown up.

Jayne said...

Great photos and tour, thanks, Salina !
Yes, you do look grown up now!

Melody said...

Aww, how great was that? Well done 'Salina. =)

Missy Boo said...

Good job 'Salina. Hope the rain stops soon and you can enjoy your holidays :)

BB said...

Outstanding post Ms Salina!! I couldn't be prouder (and considering how proud I am when you bring a cow back into the mob on your own these days, that's saying a lot!).

And yes, DOESN't she look grown up? Stop it already, my niece!