Tuesday, December 14, 2010

While I could have been...

It appears I have been very much missing from this space.

I have been here - I have even, on occasion, been at the computer - but bereft of ideas to expound...

'Salina has finished year 6 - she got a decent report card and a major haircut. She also got 2 ribbons at the swimming carnival - 3rd in freestyle and 1st in backstroke.

Paris is going through another round of antibiotics for ear infections - but we have cut out her other medication, because there was an instant effect, and not a pleasant one - of massive tantrums. In the middle of the night. In bed.

I am working - unfortunately none of my work stories are decent yarns. There are only so many ways to pretty up numbers in the left matching numbers in the right...

V finally got to mow the yard, after weeks and weeks of rain. He has an assignment due next week - on the 24th of December - who would do that?

Anyway, as you were.


Jayne said...

Just to give him some momentum towards the Christmas cheer, maybe?
Dunno, that's bizarre.
Congrats to Salina!
Hope Paris' ears settle down soon.

Debby said...

I know! I know!

Since the Grinch has stepped away from movies and television specials, he's moved to Oz and taken up teaching.

We should have had a glimpse of 'Salina's new do.

Merry Christmas to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Yep. missed. I love reading your stories, miss you updates, but completley understand. Life gets in the way sometimes. Hugs to you and yours, at least 'same old' is better than dramatic! :)

Crazed Nitwit said...

Glad things are well. Good luck with that ear infection baby thang. Never ever fun.

Woohoo Salina the swimmer!!!