Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two days late

and no doubt a few dollars short!!!

In pictures, with very few words - as I am exhausted.

Only one more shopping day until Christmas and the only day of opportunity to take 'Salina and Paris out to get those last minute fripperies - if I don't get around to it (because I will be continuing that fine tradition of wrapping the whole of Christmas Eve) I hope that everyone enjoys the festive season safely.


BB said...

Oh - I think she's grown up since Monday! No, really... hugs to my gals...


Sarah Lulu said...

Oh she's a cutie.

Happy christmas .... Don't wrap yourself into a frenzy!

Melody said...

Oh look at happy the bub is! Gorgeous. Well done you!

Hope to read more on the flip-side of this coming weekend. =)

Jayne said...

Fabulous, wonderful photos of your girls, Jeanie :)
Belated happy birthday to Mz Paris ;)

Debby said...

Remember the fun we were having last year as we waited for Paris? Oh, your comment section was a riot. Hardly seems possible that a whole years has passed.

Merry Christmas to the four of you, and to Eddie too.