Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mexican Rice - Paradise Style

Let me start with a disclaimer.  I am not from Mexico.   May I repeat - I am not, nor do I pretend to be, from Mexico.

This is a disadvantage, because I love Mexican food - and an advantage, because I am not inhibited by the constant "it doesn't taste like Mum (or Grandma) made" refrain that may bind me.

Therefore, when I do not have the AUTHENTIC ingredients, I sometimes reach for things that would make a Mexican cringe - but that is okay, because I am not Mexican and I live on the other side of the world and, unless they take it so personally that they fly (or sail) across here and take the issue up in person, I am fairly safe from the repercussions.

So without further adieu, allow me to present a fairly non-authentic recipe for Mexican Rice as enjoyed earlier this week.

When I am trying to get inspiration, I always turn to Chef Google and ask her to show me what others are doing. *

One secret ingredient mentioned was some sort of tomato/chicken stocky thing.   We don't have any such options in Paradise, but do you know what we got in spades?

Indeed, that would be the first word covered in the tomato/chicken stocky thing.  So I got lots and chopped them all up and then zapped them in the microwave until I had some gooey tomatoey goodnes.

I chopped and fried the an onion in some olive oil ** until it was translucent and beautiful.  Mmm - smell that...

I then chucked in some brown rice and swizzled it around.  I don't know if that is authentic, but its yummy.  I also added some cumin seeds and got them popping, and gave a paprika shot and a glob of minced garlic ***.

When it was all toasty and glossy, I put in my mushy tomatoes and some chicken stock.

And then time did the rest.

So - in real recipe parlance:

Paradise-Mex Rice
  • Olive Oil **
  • 1 Onion, chopped
  • 1.5 cups brown rice
  • 2 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder ***
  • 500 ml stewed chopped tomatoes (probably 1.5 cans if you don't have a bumper crop to chop up)
  • 500 ml chicken stock
  • Fry onions until translucent
  • Add rice and spices and stir to coat well and slightly toas
  • Add tomatoes and stock and let it simmer until its all cooked and everyone is hungry.

Que aproveche!

* - As an aside, I was inspired to actually unearth this post and polish it a bit as a new found blog, All She Eats of Calzone Dough fame had a round up of Mexican Recipes this morning from people who actually know how to cook authentic Mexicanish food.  Click on the link to drool.

** - Yes!!!  We have Olive Oil in the house again!!  Colour me happy!!!

 *** - Okay, I discovered that I tossed the garlic powder in the last big pantry clean out so I was forced to use minced garlic, which is a totally different fish but - hey, the Mexican's can't track me down (says she looking over her shoulder and wondering if that may be the last straw in Mexico-Paradise diplomatic relations.


Kelly said...

Mexican food - or maybe I should be more exact and say "Tex-Mex" - is my favorite cuisine. As long as the basic flavors are there, I don't worry about being too authentic. This sounds and looks VERY tasty!

Debby said...

I'm kind of w/ Kelly on this one. I love authentic Mexican food, but Tex Mex food doesn't send me screaming into the streets. This looks very good, so I think that Oz-Mex would keep me seated for the entire meal as well.

jeanie said...

Yay - you are both welcome to my table for inauthentic cuisine when you come to Paradise!! Thanks ladies.

Pencil Writer said...

Hey, Jeanie! It's been awhile, but I've come back! Your Mexicanish rice recipe sounds lovely! I so love cummin in my own Mexican experiments! I can currently smell it cooking way over here. I have missed your delightful take on relating life experiences! Thanks. Again!

Sally@Toddlers on Tour said...

Sounds delicious, and looks relatively easy to make.

Grace said...

Oh yum! Looks so easy to cook and yet looks absolutely yummo! Can't wait to try it!

Pearl said...

Oh, yum.

Here in Minneapolis this -- or variations on it -- is called Spanish Rice.



Krista said...

I think this is VERY close to authentic Mexican since they would no doubt use everything from scratch - tomatoes, whole cumin seed, onion, the works. Well done! :-)

jeanie said...

PW - welcome back - I love cumin - one of my favourite go to recipes is red beans, tomato and onions with a good whack of toasted cumin.

Sally and Grace - it really is very easy to prepare this way.

Thanks Pearl - obviously over here we feel Mexico is exotic enough for us!!!

Krista - thanks. The fact that we can't find most authentic ingredients in V's Mexican cookbook bans me from allowing them to audit my skills too closely.

Unknown said...

Yum! Looks delicious and easy to make. I would add coriander at the end because I love coriander on anything and everything. Double yum!

Diane said...

Nice alternative to chilli, thanks for the recipe. It definitely looks tasty.

jeanie said...

Vanessa - if coriander is available, I would also add as a garnish - joining you in the love!!

Diane - thanks for commenting. It is nice - another variation is something I used to make often with kidney beans and spices in with the rice (or the rice in with them...)

Anonymous said...

Look at what you have been doing. I really do not know how you manage it all, I often feel you put me to shame :)

jeanie said...

Rhubarb Whine - I don't actually manage it. That is the secret. There is no shame. 'kay?