Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I had the opportunity this evening of doing a little channel surfing on the television set - what a quaint, old-fashioned choncept that is!!

Since the onset of Digital and the wonder of CHOICE, there has been NOTHING to watch on television.

Oh sure, there is all of the Contrivireality shows.  Some unabashedly so, some so sneaky it takes your breath away with their "surprise, we are now going to throw in a twist and make this show really INTERESTING because"

Because it seems, these days, we need to be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, the most return on your smallest investment, the most fodder for the sap mill.

Oops - sorry - did I get carried away there?

Anyhow, I have taken to doing the flick around in the vain attempt to find some quality programing with such grim humour that V regards my custody of the remote control as an indulgence he is bestowing as graciously as possible.

So tonight I thought beggar it, I am going to stop on the channels that, while not up my alley in terms of target marketing or directly aiming at my chosen socio-economic strand, I appreciate them in their honesty.

(It had to  improve on the Murder Shows or Fatuous Views on Modern Society and the yells at the screen we undertake at the 30 second offerings)

Allow me to take you with me.

My first stop was  54 TVSN (due to its proximity to the NITV show I had flicked to earlier in the evening - I can't tell you what it was, because it didn't tell me what it was and who ever has a Televison Guide these days - we want the information, and we want it NOW).

It was advertised on the EPG as the "Orly Smark Gels Manicure Deal"., but apparently someone  in the programming department can't do maths, and the "AlphaH New Skin Begins" had begun, and so I shall have to go to bed never knowing what the deal actually was.

, . . .
I then happened upon the "Swivel Sweeper G2" on 74 TV4Me, and V and I had immense fun with that.  You don't need to bend!  Ever!!  You don't have issues with a cord!!  Its rechargeable!!  The concept is B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!!!  Had I a spare $99.95 and the luck to be one of the first hundred callers, I would have been that much poorer RIGHT NOW!!!  (Although it would appear that Google has found a few folk who aren't talking with very nice exclamation points about their experiences)

, . . .
I tore myself away from that, only to find that over at 81 GOLD I could set my sights even higher, with the "The New Shark Rotator"!!  Not only does it Lift Away, it has Enhanced Steering, and my house could be a showcase (as opposed to a showroom, as on the Swivel Sweeper G2)  It even has HEADLIGHTS!!!! *

(It would appear that they could afford to pay for a more savvy Google rating, PR team and/or Customer Service (or heck, it coudl be a better product but colour me cynical)  than their competitors also.  (Side note - check out Michael Flux from Michigan's review!!  Oh my - and side-side note, Dyson, if your PR Team is anywhere near as savvy, give the man one of your top of the range models!!  Where was I?  Oh yes, closing brackets.))

, . . .
Going back through the other channels, I also found the "Danozdirect H20 X5 Steam Mop", giving me the trifecta of choice!! **

There was also an offering on Aspire of the  "Bowflext Extreme", at which point (well, about 5 minutes after the point) V exercised his right to equal usage of the Remote Control (I would link to it to show you why, but Google is only giving me pictures of the product rather than the buff men promoting the product - theypromoted very well..) 

V then flicked us over to more generic programing, where the first ad was for the "Australian Institute of Personal Trainers" - Australia, what have you come to!!

* - V actually could include Successful Vacuum Cleaner Salesman on his resume, and the product*** he "sold" had headlights.

** As veteran players know, I have have one or two vacuum cleaner related run-ins.  Newcomers - apologies, but there are some electronic members of the household who don't play nice.

** I am so glad that knowing what brand he sold wasn't on the "Before You Get Married" questionnaire, because I would have flunked.  Sorry honey.

So - what is being sold to you today?


Debby said...

A line of BS. I didn't buy it.

jeanie said...

Good for you Deb - unless BS is fresh is isn't worth contemplating!

Pearl said...

Every day, I am sold on working full time.

Every day, I buy it.



jeanie said...

Ah yes, the old working full time malarkey.

We have regular interactions, but on occasion I find it unpalatable - or rather, there isn't any on the menu, so I have to get a whole heap of sides and try and get them to cohese...

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I don't watch free to air tv any more. It is crap.

We watch downloaded stuff and dvds. My current favs are reality tv (OMG ADDICTED but not to the crap Aussie stuff) The Newsroom, Breaking Bad, True Blood (shush) and kinda Dexter but seem to be getting a little bored...

jeanie said...

I agree Kelly - reminds me of the Bruce Springsteen song "57 Channels and Nothing On" (and it always surprises me when life does that)

Kelly said...

I was offered a good time today.... and I bought! ;)

I mostly watch food shows. The competition variety.

jeanie said...

Ah Kelly - one should always be open to a good time offer! I do hope that it was all that was promised and more.

I sometimes watch food shoes. The documentary variety - I did watch the first season of our version of Masterchef, but I don't like the barracuda tendencies developed in competitive reality shows.

That being said - the original Iron Chef from Japan - masterpiece.