Thursday, February 08, 2007

4.29 (and consequences), you are starting to freak me out!!!

I know, I know - I keep going on about this whole 4.30 wake up thing - I am not meaning to brag, its just something that happens - sometimes it doesn't work (hooray) and sometimes it works too well.

I didn't even mention it yesterday, because it was just wierd - I awoke, rolled over to look at the clock and as I was looking at it the clock ticked over from 4.29 to 4.30.

This morning, when I awoke and glanced over - 4.29 again - its Groundhog Day!!!

Not only did I get out of bed by 5 (I tried valiantly to resist), but my daughter also decided she would arise.

Now, I never watch morning television programs, and have a particular aversion to chat shows and those dubbed "current affairs" - I think they are more contriviality than breaking news - however, as I was sourcing the My Little Pony dvd the station the tv was on had NBC from America - and the next segment was going to be the sequel to the whole "Playgroup P!ss-ups" that has been peppering the blogosphere for the past few weeks. (Go visit Melissa at Suburban Bliss if you have missed it all - she was centre stage on the first episode - or Stefanie at Baby on Bored - she was the Mother of Drinking Reason today).

Me - I have the opinion that most mothers are reasonable human beings and tend to put their own children's needs first anyway - and so most mothers would moderate their drinking accordingly. At least they are there with other mothers who could cover for them if they got too stinking when little Dick or Jane needed a nappy change or trip to ER. Quite frankly, its better than drinking by yourself with just the cherubs for company - and I think that if your children are in danger from your alcohol consumption you have a bigger problem than playgroup.

Me - I have always believed that sleep deprivation is far more likely to inadvertently cause response problems in mothers - and my goodness, they have got to start imposing some sort of draconian regulations to get those darned children to allow their parents some rest!!!

But where was I - oh yes, my darling daughter who arose at 5am, interrupting my solitude.

She was very energetic until about 7, and then started with the "I've got a tummyache" and "I've got a headache". Now, my darling is as sweet as golden syrup, but she has had a history of both stomach ailments and malingering, so its a case of which policy to follow when such a call is made.

Her forehead was a little warm, so I agreed she could recuperate at home today. Straight after the bus went past, she was up and racing around chasing the kitten and wanting more breakfast - grrrr.

The car is at the panel beaters at the moment, but I have warned her I can still take her on the bus into school a little late. She has since made a film camera (complete with case) out of recycled materials, dragged me downstairs to her "treehouse" for some wildlife photography (of the rare chestnut tiger) and invited me on a picnic!!

Whenever I ask how the headache is going, she weakens, puts her little hand to her forehead and, in quavery voice, responds "okay - although the (insert noise here) is making it hurt"...

Oh, and speaking of noises, next door is getting their lawn mowed, and I am sure it is only a matter of time before they bring in the leafblowers!

Still, I actually have some work on at the moment, so she is going to be dragged to the post office to collect the data disk.

Also, I did get an inspiration on promoting myself for some more freelance work between 4.30 and 5 this morning, so will start creating a brochure.

Oh, and only 1 more sleep until my long-distance darling is with me again rather than 300km away!!! So I swear you will have the fishing report before he gets to my doorstep!!!


Tracey said...

Why on earth are you waking up at 4.29 am for no apparent reason? Isn't it still dark at that stage? (I'm trying to factor in no daylight saving in Qld, with shorter daylight hours than down south, and not doing too well at it...)

What sort of freelance work do you do?

jeanie said...

No idea - think it is a combination of the sky starting to lighten (sunrise is about 5ish) and cat.

My speciality is in driving computers fast - so have been doing all sorts of things in my career, most lately am doing sales reports and analysis for a fashion agency through Excel and VBA programming. But quite willing to do most things (computer - software - that is) to make ends meet.