Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Advice Requested

Any hints in approaching a teacher about the possible start of bullying?

My daughter has had a hard time fitting in to her school (new since July last year) for a variety of reasons, and I am moving towards sorting some of that hopefully - but it seems that at school the problem is starting to escalate.

I don't want to be overdramatic or overprotective, but I want my daughter to have a childhood that doesn't make her cry.

And your peers telling you to go away, don't want to play with you will make you sad. And kids in the class knocking down your lunchbox and jumping on your sandwiches will make you very sad.

And a sunny beautiful girl withdrawing and not wanting to interact with life makes Mummies very sad indeed.

So help please, before it gets out of hand? It appears that the school don't have a bullying policy - or at least one implemented (was in the letters to the editor page in the local rag - seems my child is not the only one).

I don't want to change schools again, because I truly don't believe in running away from problems. And I don't want to be that mother who is always making waves. But I want to do what I can for my little girl.


strauss said...

Go to teh school board or teh principle and insist that a no bullying policy be instilled in your school. There are heaps of established programs by forward thinking schools, there is no excuse for that kind of bullshit.
I feel for you and your daughter, it hurts like hell to see your own chld being picked on and saddened or fearful about going to school.If we were getting shit from our employer, we would report that person to a superior or find another job, but school is mandatory. The school has a responsibility to do something about the problem. Good luck with that.

Tracey said...

(Damn, I just typed a big long comment, and lost it!)..

Summary - go see the teacher. They so often miss that s**t happening in the playground - because there are too many little girls who are conniving little b's....

I find it amazing the school doesn't have an anti-bullying policy.. but when it comes down to it, policy, schmolicy... Words on paper are nothing if they are not acted upon. And to me, do you really need a 'policy' to teach and discipline kids what is acceptable behaviour, and what isn't?

If the teacher is no help, take it to the principal. If your daughter is crying and becoming withdrawn, then there is something wrong, and it needs to be dealt with.

I've had good and bad experiences. Some things the school or particular teacher handled badly.. others it was handled well.

But if you don't stand up for your kids, noone will. If it takes making waves, then so be it. You'll probably find other parents jumping on behind you.

*copies comment this time and crosses fingers...*

jeanie said...

I went to the teacher today - apparently they have a policy and are quite strict about it, but as you said Tracey, if they don't see it doesn't happen.

Her teacher was great - I had rung in the morning so she took note during the day and we discussed strategies to deal with the whole issue of her loneliness at school as well as the particular incident yesterday.

Tracey said...

Good news Jeanie... fingers crossed the teacher is able to make the difference.