Thursday, February 01, 2007

Setting the bar too high

Firstly, nods to Tracey for linking me!

I am so excited - the only link I have ever had before was one I coerced by virtually baking biscuits for Jenn's Cookie Drive at Christmas. (See, I have learned how to use the link shortcut!!!)

And I feel for Tracey. I really, really do - cause she hurt her back doing work in her garden.

Because, you see, today I can empathise.

Today I gave myself a blister - it is really annoying (probably not quite as annoying as the screaming agony of backpain). The most annoying thing is that I didn't even have it on the list - neither the blister attainment itself NOR the task I was doing to get the blister in the first place.

See, the problem with me (okay, one of the problems with me) is that I always bite more than I can chew - metaphorically speaking.

So, when I look at the day looming ahead of me and I think to myself "hmm, 7 child free hours in which to do what needs to be done" - well, that is about when my day starts falling apart.

Because where a normally sane person would go "seven hours - well, pick two of your big jobs that take about 2 hours a pop and maybe one or two quickies and that is sweet", I tend more towards the "oh my goodness, these are all the things that I have to do, and I have to do them today" and so write down the 12 things that average at 1/2 an hour each PLUS the 5 things that take about an hour each PLUS the 7 spring cleaning jobs I have been meaning to do for 5 months now that will take 2 hours each and the plans and ideas for my whole future.

And that is my problem, you see. I set myself up. I do my list. Tick. I look at my list. Oh My Goodness! Groan... And then I need a rest or a read - or I tick off a phone call or two.

And that is not my only problem. Another of my problems is the complete lack of discipline in undertaking these tasks.

So, that living room I was talking about yesterday? Oh yes, I didn't tell you the full story, really. I told you on where we were at at the beginning of the job to make you shudder. What I did not tell you was that I also took everything off every flat surface and did a completely back to the boards tidy. You can't do that when you have a million things ahead of you, apparently, but this lesson remains unlearned.

So the 72 million soft toys (I exaggerate - I did cull a few million when I moved) got taken off, dusted and reorganised (and I am sure they are much happier in their groupings of "teddy bears, dogs, monkeys, horses and wild creatures" rather than the throw them on top of the soft toy traymobile method in use before).

And today - with the Dining Room? A room that should be pretty bloddy easy to the normal person - well, for me I start with the eternal pile of crap that gets left on the table, then moved to the bags of things that get deposited near the walls.

And then - well - all that craft stuff that was piled in the corner belonging on the craft traymobile next to it? Well that too has been reoganised into equipment, materials and rubbish. And what is more, the latter ACTUALLY made it into the bin, out the door, down the stairs and into the big garbage bin before my daughter came home from school.

And you see - that is part of the problem - where I say "equipment", I mean all the equipment. I mean the stencils, the scissors, the rubbers, the glue - and the 61 colouring-in pencils. Yes, the 61 colouring-in pencils - that I sharpened - and got an obvious blister on my middle finger by about number 52. Okay, okay - I exaggerate - I did not have to sharpen one of the white ones - and I did baulk at the 17 lead pencils (but they are not counted in my above quota).

So - it seems that again I have failed in my quest to achieve my goals in a day - but I had a shot, I did okay - and I got injured in the process...

I think I have a second blister developing on my thumb. I will blame that too on the sharpening, and not on the fact that the little tick for "blog" could have been achieved in several paragraphs and has instead required 900 words and 1,000 spaces (that is actually hitting the spacebar with the thumb one grosse times...)

To quote Grover in one of our all time favourite read-along books "The Monster at the End of This Book: Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover" -
"Oh, I am so embarrassed."

But it is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN TOMORROW. No sirree - tomorrow, I am praying for rain in a little town to the North of me so that a certain long distance darling maybe will get an early mark - and there are things that will be on my To Do list that I intend to tick off. (You know, like vacuuming) (the floor, the floor!)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Grover book. It is my all time favorite book!! Good luck on the cleaning!

Tracey said...

You got a blister sharpening pencils?! LOL. That's so the sort of thing I'd do.
[I have to add here that my back hasn't been "screaming pain".. just annoying, frustrating, just beyond being able to walk, turn, bend, in the normal course of things, but not enough to manage to dredge up any sympathy or assistance from the family. Funnily enough a couple of glasses of wine seems to help it!]

jeanie said...

Baggage - It is the first book my daughter learned how to "read", and she has been doing it in mighty voice for a while now - she even scared another 7yo into tears the other day with her scream of "you turned another page!"

Tracey - you should see it! It is a full-blown blister - if I knew how to post pictures I would take it and post one up - getting there... Have a glass for me please.

Tracey said...

(Btw, thanks for the link back!)

There's rain in North Qld isn't there? Caught a glimpse of flooding on the news. Is it in the right place?

jeanie said...

Pretty close - he is based in Rocky and they had it pour down all day today. He just got a call about no work tomorrow so woo hoo, I got a lunchtime date!! But yeah, Townsville has got it really bad.