Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daylight savings - or sleeptime robbing?

Well, this morning I woke up again at 4.30am - Tasmanian time this time. And, you know, I cannot see the advantage of daylight savings at that hour of the day.

It is still the same amount of time until the sun comes up, it will still be the same amount of time until it goes down again.

Fair enough, we will all be so much more prepared if the Luftwaffe fly over. But I am pretty sure they have not attempted to bomb my part of Paradise in - oh, forever!

Okay, I am walking into a minefield with that opening. ha ha ha ha ha - folks, don't argue with me about it. I really don't give a toss whether you choose to fool yourselves or not - just don't try and peddle it to my parents. That is just plain foolishness.

Still, there were advantages to my wake up hour.

Its an extra hour to whirr on all those things that would have just kept me awake as it was. I have mentally prepared my order of the day. What is more, I have already executed several of the biggies at the top of the list - and it is only 5.11am (or after 6 down South).

The sky is just beginning to lose its evening hue, and the amazing purples and greys that you can only see at this hour of day are beginning to infiltrate.

Very few are around - there have been the usual pair of furtive dog walkers at 4 but nothing since. (In about 1/2 an hour it is going to be peak hour in front of the house with all the pedestrians).

I have got to have some valuable ponder time on my two darlings.

With my daughter, it is so easy to love her anyway, but there are moments when we have our challenges.

She is so similar to me in a lot of ways, so when we clash stand back and admire the fireworks.

Whenever any of the next generation have tantrums they all shake their heads and compare it to ones I displayed in my childhood (okay, and occasionally teenage years) (really - very, very few since I was in my 30s, I swear)... My daughter has equalled me, I am sure, at times.

I also believe that I have a niece that will give me a run for my money soon - she is only 2 at the moment, so is perfecting the black look, the sulk and the scream - once she has all the tools and a couple of lessons from my girl she should be prepared for the big league.

But I digress - oh, and I have to digress again, as the pinks that have just hit this sky are truly awesome - one minute while I regard.

She is so loving. I am always receiving little gifts and cards she has made. She is extremely creative. She has a fantastic vocabulary. She wants to please - just not at the cost of her independence and freedom of thought. She gives great kisses and hugs.

Yes, yes - there are all those other negative qualities, of which all but one I sort of have to put up my hand to passing on at least 1/2 of the gene pool on (the insistence bit came from her Dad's side) but they are for a blog written on another day. Today, she is the core of my soul.

And as for my other darling - well, you will get the fishing post later in the week. Early in the week is tinged too much with the longing of too many more sleeps and too close to the previous weekend's goodbye. Later in the week the anticipation of my 44 hour fix makes it a much more scintillating story.

Darn - it is still 3 more sleeps until I see him, no matter how early I arise. But hey - just noticed he is awake and on IM now - so will bid my blog adieu. Good morning all!!!