Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"I've got a tummy ache" and other early morning bird calls

The first words spoken to me today was "I've got a tummy ache"

I don't know what these words do for you, but for me they strike a mixture of frustration, anxiety, irritation and pity. Because we have a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g history with those words. A long history with:
  • real diagnoses (ah, giardia, we knew you too well);
  • hereditary failings on her dad's side(her dad was untempremental in most aspects except gut);
  • hereditary failings on my family's side(we have even got a pet name for ours - surname begins with a B goes so well with Belly, set off by fats, fibres, frowns and changes in the weather);
  • intestinal parasites (do you know that nightmares can be attributed to worms - as can grinding teeth, thrashing legs and, well, tummy ache); and
  • learned responses (hey, my daughter is no dumbcluck - she also knows how to milk it).

So anyhow, end to my early morning attempt to wrangle my desk into ordered piles, paid bills, gleaming budget and an awesome to do list (yeah, if your bs detector went off its because I was perusing blogs while - okay, instead of - doing all those worthy things).

I was also going to have a new link list up with lots of new blogs I have visited and maybe a blurb about who I visit on Wednesday (yes, I went anal a few weeks ago and have limited a lot of blogs to only once or twice a week on roster - otherwise I would have NO TIME to angst over my own life!).

WTH - here is the Wednesday list:

Oh, and I can tick off writing my own (very boring) blog! Good thing I got up at 4.15 - means all those other things still sitting around to do have time to be admired!


sweatpantsmom said...

Other dreaded words?

"I think I'm going to throw u---"

Funny how they never get to finish that sentence

jeanie said...

lol - my daughter's version is "I need a buck--" - luckily (?) the other end seems to have the affects.

j.sterling said...

awww- you visited like the one and only time i do a fucking product review?!?! LOL
do come back.. i beg you