Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Taurus in Career Sector

There must be something mulling about in the stars for me at the moment...

My freelance work is likely to dry up very soon, if it hasn't already. Nothing to do with my work, more to do with contracts and deals with the agency I do work for and their suppliers and clients. I am not crying over it, as it was a project that needed more support from people who were determined not to, and as I was only a contracter I had very little push on it.

Anyhow, one of the promises to myself was to have some sound income before V comes down here so I can keep independence IYKWIM. I have been looking hard, but what I want (not full time and no time with my daughter) is not very thick on the ground, and using my skills fully is not going to happen with many places up here.

I was a professional temp for many years so I have very wide-ranging portable skills and I am basically willing to work at any level so long as it is not full on and I am treated with a certain level of dignity.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago I saw an ad for a part time job that looked goodish and applied through the agency. I had a good first interview and got onto the short list for the second interview.

In the interim, saw another ad for a part time job that looked goodish and applied through the same agency where I was put through to the client without interview as the rep knew my skills.

Yesterday I had the 2nd interview for the first job. Sounds like it will go from part time to full time in a hurry when the existing girl goes on maternity, they will be very inflexible on leave or time off and want to pay my lowest rate, so I am thinking even if it is offered I may not really want it.

Then I got a call from another person in the agency wanting to know my skills for graphic design and desk-top publishing. In the former I am crap, but have broad dtp skills so she wanted me to put forward for that. Its only 15 hours a week, but I could build around that, so could be good. I got a call back on that 10 minutes ago and am having an interview tomorrow on it.

The 2nd job I applied for is going to be interviewed next week, but it dovetails perfectly with my experience in administration - and is government so plenty of options to move sideways when the contract is up. A friend who has been looking for much longer has also been put forward for it so don't want to cut her grass, but I do have more skills and a faster typing speed.

Oh, and the supplier for my existing client is having a conference call with me tomorrow with their software developers to perhaps use some of my coding to create a flatfile for them as I did that for my existing client with reports from an outlet.

It is like all the stars are aligning to throw me opportunities - but I am also worried slightly that I will fail to grasp the right option. Hell, I may fall flat on my face on all options and just have to enjoy V's first days here with dd and keep looking...

But I have waited for 8 months for jobs to arise, and when they do there are 4? What is that!!!


j.sterling said...

lol- isn't that just the way it goes? when it rains it pours?!?!! ugh, follow your GUT when picking the right job.

Anonymous said...

I guess you'll just have to weigh up the pros and cons of all the jobs and see which one wins out because you'll probably get offered all of them.

It's like having a boyfriend drought for ages, then a few potentials are on the scene at once. So I remember in my past anyway.

strauss said...

Whoo Hoo! Talk about options - lucky you.

strauss said...

You just received a Thinking Bloggers Award ;)