Friday, March 02, 2007

Surf's up (maybe)

The rumour is that those two fluffy swirly things to the North East may join together and make themselves into a cyclone, travel South along the coast and look to land somewhere between Mackay and Maryborough - maybe... So there may be some real swell here - I know of 1 lovely gentleman that hopes so, anyway. And I also know of about 1 million (not personally) who would like it to hover a little further South and target catchment areas.

But if you have looked at and pondered over weather maps for as long as I have (I have known what a trough looks like since I could take notice of the television), you know its best not to count those chickens.

But hey - its a nice segue into what is on my mind this morning. I thought I would take you on a little surf of my own.

Since starting this blog I have gotten to know a few different sites to the ones on my blogroll, so I am going to use at least one tip given to me here: scribbit: Five Good Blog Tools (and Three Bad Ones) | A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska and update my blog roll - but before I do that, I will take you to a couple that have tickled me in the last week.

I will start with Crazy Trace - this woman inspires me as she does so much - I don't think I will ever get there, but maybe one day I can be a super mum too!!! She rides, exercises, is a committee bee and parents (for a fair bit solo) 3 children. I don't ride, don't exercise, have a lot of good excuses for not being on committees and am flat out being a mediocre parent to my 1 darling even with weekend assistance.

I love to check in on Semantically Driven, another Mum doing it alone in SA.

RootieToot at Because Its Personal seems to have it all together also - she may not admit to it, but she runs a pretty tight family (and blog)!

Baggage And Bug was one of the first blogs I started following, and Baggage remarkably looks after 3 foster children and her own adopted daughter!!

Adventures Of Teacup is a fairly recent blog I have been reading and enjoying - another mother who can do it all and be craft at the same time.

Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum is dealing with a baby and a toddler and keeping a sense of humour and streams of consciousness running - more than I could do!

In Everybody Needs Therapy the TherapyDoc covers lots and lots of issues that can really affect, well, everybody.

Kill the Goat was one of the first blogs I came across and enjoyed - still do!

One of the first bloggers who ever commented on mine before I had found her was Strauss at The Brave - a very brave Aussie mum in Canada.

Shishyboo is another I found through the link to link to link method.

I first met Janeen at Diary of a Single Mum on the Edge through MomBlogs, and also read her "amateur" blog (as opposed to "professional") destinations - journeys of a restless mind.

At Kari's Couch they had a fun trip to ER this week.

I have just discovered Magic Bellybutton who has just discovered she is a nerd. lol - I may not have been long in the blogosphere, but my citizenship at nerddom is set in stone.

Slacker Mama seems to be having a fun March, already.

Mommy Has a Headache has just started giving advice.

Of the men, I have just discovered Rainy Pete; Geese A Plenty always gives me a chuckle (case in point - the sugar substitute post); and Single in the City is going to have a wild Mardi Gras!

Of the uberblogs I lurk at (hey, these guys get 50 comments for blinking - they don't need my statistics!), there is Suburban Blis; Where am I Going and why am I in this handbasket; Oh the Joys; And I Wasted All That Birth Control; dooce; Stay at Home Motherdom (among others - but you get the drift).

Believe me, this is only about 30% of what I read in the week - I wonder where all my spare time is? - but I am culling (about 15 are on the "notice" list) - however I keep finding new nuggets (about 15 are on the "check out" list). Sigh.

So, I have a question - what do you like to read in blogland - what makes you cull?


strauss said...

Oh Jeanie, Thanks for the mention - you are way too cool, girl;)
Shishyboo happened to ask the same question today.
I just updated my blogroll last week, along with my favourites list.
I like reading good writing, good quality stories and blogs with a variety of themes and/or insites. Personal, human stories interst me. I culled a few from my blogroll who hadn't blogged in eons.
I am glad that I stumbled upon yours, relatively recently too. I really enjoy your writing and the stories about your like, and your poetry is just great.

Northern_Girl said...

rootie rocks my socks -

nice list! I'm going to check a few of them out on your recommendation.

Scribbit said...

Thanks for the mention,

And I like reading Planet Nomad and Mental Tesserae. One Plus Two is good too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for my mention. My list grows really really slowly so checking my regulars each day doesn't take that long.

For the couple I've culled, lack of interest in writing/subject matter, or just if they haven't updated in ages.


It's all crazy trace's fault.

She was my first, then I started on her favourites and now every time I'm on line I visit some new places.

I can see how addictive it can become.

Tracey said...

OMG, that really is an undeserved mention there... but thank you! I am beginning to think that I am putting out the wrong impression. One committee! Hardly a committee bee. And I've only offered to do website stuff for another group because I think I might get something out of it! Not as altruistic as I look.
Solo parenting when the other half earns all the dosh isn't doing it half as tough as any single parent out there...all of whom, like you Jeanie, earn money as well as do the parenting!! Hats off to you all.

Anyway... I have regular read bloglist, and a few others I've started reading but not got round to linking yet... and because I've got a few other "more important" things I should be doing, I am trying really really hard to resist finding more wonderful people that I must check up on on a daily basis! Else my house will be even more of a debacle that it already is. I know I will succumb, and I will be checking out the others you have mentioned that I don't already know!

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Oohh, coming to the party late.

thx for the mention!

I read the uberblogs because they're "uber" for a reason. They're very good. As for other blogs, if I'm not drawn in in the first 3 seconds, then I don't bite/read. Its the lterary snob in me I guess, which is a touch ironic when you consider I hardly write like that!!

Cull? I bump people off my reading list in 2 weeks if they've bored me in that time (harsh??!! yes, probably!)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the mention.

I'm such a bimbo, I only just realised that you had linked to me! Some nerd I'm turning out to be!