Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now where did I hide my sense of humour...

Well, after my last little fiasco I thought I would outsmart myself. As you know by my previous missive, I had a wake up call booked for 2.15 but the taxi was due at 4. "Beauty" I thought to myself, "I shall wake with the call and get a few of those things that I have to do done then, and go to bed (relatively) early."

Well, that woulda been fine except for my psyche or whatever darn control I have over my sleep and dreams. Because I kept waking suddenly thinking I had missed the call or that the taxi was already here and I hadn't done stuff - see the time, roll to go back to sleep and dream I was busy, busy, busy doing all the things I had to do!!! So even my sleep was tiring... Don't you hate that?

So when the call came, I busily did all the things I had put off doing... As a side note, I had been (I thought successfully) fighting a UTI all week - well, I was wrong on the apparent success rate of my method, and it was nasty! And then the taxi arrived 15 minutes early so a few things I was going to do in that last 15 minutes got shafted - like burning the work disk and invoice to present in person - oh, and putting my train ticket into my handbag...

That got sorted (to the tune of $22) fairly easily. My excessively excited and independent Miss was soooo looking forward to the train trip!

Once the train started, she wanted to investigate the facilities. I could see the door from my seat, so let her explore. After a while, I thought she must be testing all those interesting little automated extras only a train bathroom can offer - but even that was taking a while. I did hear a child crying, but thought someone must have a toddler on board. When I finally got up to investigate, my daughter came out of the toilet in tears. She did not have the strength to turn and pull the handle of the door and felt she would be locked in for the whole trip!!! Bad Mummy moment there...

However, her other independent forays were more successful. She colected copious paper cups of water (handy with my condition), made friends with the canteen ladies and won the hearts of a few elderly ladies as she pushed the buttons to open doors for them .

Weekend was great - busy traipsing all over Brisbane sans car and the UTI developed into a kidney infection so maybe not so great. But my Dad is powering in recovery; saw some friends; and daughter had a great evening with extended family on her Dad's side.

Eddie was very, very glad to see us when we got home, as although Jean had done a great job tidying my house for me (done with the best intent, I am sure, and I must remind myself to put out vacuum cleaner for her next time I get her to feed the cat) the main aim - feeding Eddie - was a bit of a bust. She didn't find all the delicacies Eddie likes in the fridge, so gave him the emergency cat food - which Eddie only eats if there is nothing else to scrounge - but she also gave it to him in his water so the ants wouldn't eat it... He loves us for more than our winning personalities and looks, really!!!

My special someone was also crook over the weekend - and not just with longing thoughts of me, either. He is currenly sweating out the latest thing going around. I am so glad that Desparate was on as it did service a smile or two for both of us.

So two days later - daughter is massively tired, I am groaning with movement and have given in to taking some pain relief (am on antibiotics as well), have a ginger cat shadow tripping me up, have a long distance darling sweating in bed 330km away and whipping the spare room into shape for influx of brother, sister-in-law and their 3 kids for tonight.

Maybe I will find that sense of humour in there.


strauss said...

Sounds like an insanely busy weekend.
I know what you mean about teh psyche and sleep. whenI worked as a weekend bakers assistant, sleeping was really a pointless exercise. I was so worried that I would oversleep that I would wake up every 5 minutes...very unproductive.
Hope the kidney infection sods off smartly, they are nasty.

Jay said...

Aw, that's so tragic about the bathroom incident - reminds me of similar incidents of my own.