Friday, July 27, 2007

A Friday post on fanatics, friends and family

Wow - its funny, last post I mentioned a trigger word that starts with the letter T - and up jumped a rather - ummm - interesting commenter.

I mean, just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you - but he was complaining about authorities not listening to what he had to say on the subject of his proof of people who start with the letter T.

Now, I have a theory that the authorities talking to him may be dwelling within his own mind - only because of close association with someone who had voices in his mind saying similar stuff and his writing style, while not the same subject, had certain similarities.

But what had to make me scratch my head was the fact that a diatribe was posted in my comments about the inability TO LISTEN shown by the possible conspirators in positions of power in the anti-T sectors - and it was pretty OBVIOUS that the commenter had not read my post.

But it certainly teaches me that the old chestnut of just because you feel young and carefree and jaunty in something se*y does not mean you should wear it in public because there are those out there that get the wrong idea (or the occasions where you think a t-shirt is funny but ends up being offensive to some).

Well, some of those out there also use Google search for terms such as "Australia" & that word I used with the letter T - and got me...

Yes sirree, its not just those innocent surfers who want to know sites that contain phrases such as "general middle earth epanchin" or "jeanie bacon job's daughters" or "brisbane misstresses" or indeed "plastic ball cleanning machine jeanie" who come here for enlightenment.

But I think there are some who need more assistance than I can provide...

I am exhausted here - I have just waved off a friend at the airport and sent another and her 2yo on a drive to their home - and the peace is wonderful.

I had a great time though - I took my Sydney friend, who has been here for 4 days, to exactly 2 tourist spots. The rest of the time we talked, ate, laughed, drank - oh, and she did get to Priceline.

Local friends came over to share a feast with us on Wednesday night and an old friend drove up with her daughter to spend the night last night.

Sydney friend and Sunshine Coast friend are both Sydney friends from 1990.

The first my first ever Sydney flatmate, dancing buddy at World Music events and my main backgammon foe - in the days we played backgammon fiercely.

The second a contact from my Brisbane flatmate - we hit it off, op shopped in style, both had our own artistic outlets we could relate to, read and philosophised many a day.

They developed their own friendship with each other after I left Sydney. We have been observers and participators in each others lives for 17 years...

It is so funny - we stayed up "clakka clakka clakka"-ing (thanks V) until the wee hours (for us old fogeys now) of midnight, covering memories of lives that in a lot of ways do not resemble the lives we live now - but to each other, we will always be twenty-something.

It was great to have such a fun time with them - and for my darlings 'Salina and V (and Eddie) to be such great cohosts. He got the tick of approval (not necessary, but important), and 'Salina was fantastic with her 2 year old shadow. Eddie was quite patient also!

So tonight it is back to our Friday night F&C and football family routine - ah, bliss...


Jen at Semantically driven said...

I thought maybe I'd missed something on that last post. The comment made little sense.

JJ's looking at my computer as I type this and he says your flower at the top of your blog looks pretty.