Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jeanie - now available in a much larger edition!

The biggest thing about my weekend was - me.

No, no, let me go back a bit.

We went to visit my sister and her family at my childhood home. They very graciously allowed V and I "Honeymoon Cottage" aka The Quarters - a lovely romantic little cottage that used to house workers on the property. It has a wood stove that, when tended properly, keeps the one room very toasty and delightful. It is also about 100m from the house, and with 'Salina staying in the house with her Auntie, Uncle and cousins was a very lovely little getaway. Makes me feel rather pitiful, offering them space in the living room when they come to visit here.

'Salina and V both got the chance to ride horses - one of them was delighted with the prospects of this, and kept trying to enthuse the other with tales of how Grandpa would lead you until ready and give you a very quiet pony. Both rides ended successfully with smiles.

Alas for me, though, there were some perils involved in the trip. These perils took the form of several sets of scales in the bathroom. What is it about bathroom scales that beg me to humiliate myself and step aboard for the torture?

I gave in and hopped onto the digital ones. Well, the good news is that the three digits that appeared did have a decimal point in them. The bad news is the first digit was several figures ahead of my ideal, the second digit was threatening to send that first digit into an even higher number and the third digit was laughing at me hysterically, hiding behind that decimal point as if to say "I may be the smallest but I am insignificant in your grandness"...

Even though I knew from historical perspective that I could have bartered my figure down had I shopped around on the old analogue scales, my heart wasn't in it.

Oh woe. Since my skinniest, when breastfeeding my then 10 month old daughter, I have put on as much as she has...

And today it was underlined in my pulling on a pair of trousers that used to be a good fit - my winter coat is definitely making previously simple tasks like buttoning prove more challenging.

On the up side of that, it meant steering clear of most temptation while grocery shopping was easy - nothing like a sharp (constant) dig in the ribs to say "do you REALLY need that?" Although, I did have a long wait at the check out, and they did allow me to get a treat for V and 'Salina:

I think this is advice that Big Little Sister should take!!


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Don't you hate it when the scales and/or your clothes won't play nice? Damn - and those Tim Tams look nice too.

strauss said...

Join the club, and welcome aboard!
No seriously, I coudl relate whole heartedly to this post. I too can not resist the bathroom scale and woudl sneak a weigh in it the opportunity presented itself, then become utterly depressed at the confirmation of all I had been dreading and fearing and denying.It is funny how you can feel on top of the world one minute then wiegh yourself and feel like utter crap teh next - those things should seriously be BANNED!

Jacy said...

The bathroom scale is always such a downer.

Two things have worked wonderfully for me, though, this past year: Being dumped and taking up spinning!

Spinning is really addictive and the pounds really melt off, once you get past the bum aches.

Lovely blog!

Melody said...

I know!! The first time I buy a pack of Tim Tams in like a year Monet decided to steal the last one!! Urgh. I won't be buying them again. My waistline doesn't need them and I don't want Monet getting into the habit of yummy chocie biscuits either...

Brissiemum2 said...

Well, I find that if you throw your dirty clothes on top of the bathroom scales just before you step into the shower, then they are hidden and consequently you tend to ignore their existence! After you have dressed etc, then pick up the clothes to put in the basket...but of course as you are now dressed,there is no point in weighing yourself as we all know....clothes weigh a tonne! ;)