Monday, July 23, 2007

How I Choose To Harry (and other idiosynchrosies)

This weekend, I chose to take the last instalment of Harry exactly the same way I have approached every Potter milestone - by pottering (ha ha ha) around the house and completely ignoring the event.

Don't get me wrong - I have actually read some HP in the past, and at some point in the future will read the books with 'Salina.

She has only just engaged with the whole HP craze due to some coercion from her teacher, but she is really more into it because she is enraptured with J K Rowling and the fact that if one person can become a writer, maybe she, 'Salina, could do the same thing one day!

We have watched some of the movies - on DVD at home.

But I shall no doubt stumble across this latest instalment in a 2nd hand bookstore or library at some point in the future and remember that I haven't read it yet and possibly do so then.

So really, spoilers and such have no effect - because I probably won't remember by then any way!!

Other weekend activities I did not do was clean the house from top to bottom and rearrange furniture as my mind had decided for me before awakening yesterday morning. Mind had thoughtfully put a lovely list up for me, but then I opened my eyes and WHAM - got hit with a freight-train sized migraine. Nothing that 22 hours lying in bed, groaning and throwing up didn't cure though.

I also did not clean up dead pigeon in the laundry - despite Eddie's attempts to make it a possibility on Saturday. I did put up with Eddie indignantly staring at the closed door all day and the staggering of a certain pigeon in the back yard for most of Saturday, but was unable to catch it - or to work out what to do with it if I did. Pigeon solved the problem for us by yesterday morning by not being there any more.

I think the pigeon must have been a bit below par in the first place for the Edstar to get an initial grab in, as he has a loud bell and an alarm patrol of birds that screech at him whenever he does go downstairs. He is a real fraidy cat, and quite often prefers us to be in the yard with him as they do scare him (thank goodness).

So, off to build a brochure, clean a house, stretch a dollar in the various grocery shops and collect a friend from the airport.

Overcast here in Paradise today, but much balmier than the record breaking lows we had all last week.


Brissiemum2 said...

Well, I sent DH down to buy the latest Harry book and read the last 2 chapters as soon as he brought it home, so now I am satisfied! Rofl!