Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How much is a pint worth?

I feel so virtuous today - because I did my quarterly pilgrimage to the Red Cross and gave them 500ml of the finest O -negative I could produce.

I feel especially good about it, as they didn't have to repin me - several times - as has happened the last couple of times. You know how you are told to drink lots of water? Well, it helps with more than wee, apparently - but TMI. This time I had it pumped out in 11 minutes, which is great.

I have been a semi-regular blood donor for the last 20 years - but of course, I don't think I am getting a badge any time soon - due to the very slack nature of my administration and the fact that I have lived at nearly 20 addresses during that time and could never remember which card they were working I have been very rarely stamped as a regular - but I do have a handy collection of "Donor Cards"...

I had to laugh - the first thing you are asked at your "interview" is to state your full name and date of birth. I wonder, who would defraud the Blood Bank by giving a false name? I would think that terrorists have many much better options in their question for destabilising civilisation than to individually donate under false names - but it is a sign of the times, I suppose.

I also weighed myself, and their scales were 3kg kinder than my sister's! (Well, there is a good reason for a terrorist, I suppose - an overweight one may need some esteem issues addressed!)

When I went to give the blood itself, again with the full name and date of birth - in case you switch with your terrorist buddy, I suppose - although I would think if you were nasty enough to consider terrorism as a career path, a little thing like learning someone's name and date of birth would be a piece of cake.

Speaking of pieces of cake, if you were stopped at the jump because in Australia, they don't PAY you for your blood (but are required to find that spirit of generosity within yourself), if you give blood at my local, some nice person has been busy baking and there are PLATTERS of food freely available for donors to rebuild their strength afterwards. They will also make you a nice cup of tea or coffee to go with your plunder!

On other Paradise news:

I have a friend visiting from Sydney who is blaming me for the fact that I advised on bringing clothes for Winter. This advice was given last weekend, when it was, in fact, Winter - but we are back to sunshine and light breezes, so I am reflected badly in my judgement. Oh well - she got a pair of leather sandals from the hippy shop for $5 so is not so upset now. We have been having a lot of catch up on the balcony quality time.

'Salina can now play 4 tunes on the recorder. She can even play two recorders at once. She chooses to play recorders at all times she is allowed. Sometimes even when she is not. I am proud of her ability, and I am also blessing the silence when they are not playing any of those 4 tunes.

V is enjoying a bit of a long weekend due to working for a subbie whose next contract starts tomorrow - and there is apparently a swell at the moment, which is great as the man needs his salt water immersion from time to time. The rest of the V update is mushy and this is a family blog.


Anonymous said...

Good for you donating blood...I wish I could but I can't due to the medications that I take. Hubby can't either because he was in the UK during the mad cow disease time (now he says he is just married to one).

Ahhh the recorder..I remember its beautiful racket..ooops sorry I mean music clearly.

'Salina have your tried playing one with your nose? LOL

Tracey said...

Good for you! I finally got back to donating a year or so ago. I do get a bit frustrated because they don't seem to have the wherewithall to find my previous records when I donated back when I was in my 20s (I worked above the BloodBank in Sydney, so it was easy!).. and then in a different location after I was married (and thus with my married name.)

I must ring them up and see if they'll have me back again. It is a bit disconcerting to be rejected - last year I'd just found out I had a cervical polyp and they didn't want me... Now I'm not sure whether they'll want me after I've just had a general anaesthetic last week...)

Brissiemum2 said...

Good on you for donating blood. Unfortunately, I don't think I can! :( And hey....I'm still in winter clothes here. In fact have been wearing the pjs and dressing gown to bed cause it's so cold.

And pmsl @ the recorder. Yes, it is wonderful that she can play but I know exactly what you mean about enjoying the silence afterwards! Thank goodness she isn't like my son who has taken up drums!!!

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Jen at Semantically driven said...

I too am classified as a potential mad cow due to time lived in the UK so my blood is not wanted. We're having unseasonally nice weather here too but I think there's a cool change coming today.