Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The New Improved Version

Thank you so much for your well wishes - it took days to recover (I think I am still recovering) but today is a beautiful day in paradise and the start of another school term - which means the start of another phase in my life.

Due to planning for working for myself, I have suddenly faced several things that have been handy little hurdles in the past.

My procrastination, which knows no bounds and can become quite binding, is having to be addressed face on. As you know, I am a believer in lists - and when I have the P-blight, this is the first thing that fails to get done!!

My inability to set any goals for myself is a paramount problem - but having to pull together a business plan I have to set achievable business goals. This is spurring me into some serious contemplation on what I personally wish to achieve - in life, in parenting, in my home and my relationship. It is amazing that once you remove the silk veils from those corners of your life the amount of clutter - but also the amount of promise. I have to change those glimmers of promise into tangible goalposts.

My almost stunned shyness entering unknown territory. It is so easy to slip into blogworld and see how others get by - but we all put our spin on things. I am petrified of entering rooms, picking up the telephone, entering the unknown - but I know it can be done. I have indeed done it in the past - and I have to focus on doing more of it in the future. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge I have about something before I enter into it the easier it is to bullshit look professional and organised.

So - after reading the first chapter of "Your Best Year Yet!" by Jinny Ditzler I am inspired - and off to plan start the rest of my life. I will let you know how it goes!!!

Or - I will, after I have finished this darned Business Plan, tidied the house, completed some overdue studies, tidied the filing away and done my tax return - actually, I will probably see you before then - but I have plans... mwuaahaahaahaa!


Anonymous said...

I am afraid I am another who thinks about doing things a lot more than actually doing them..hope that makes sense.

I can make the lists..no problem there, I just never seem to find the energy to actually do what is ON the list.

Jay said...

One thing at a time, right?That's all any of us can do. I have faith that you will make it through. You're pretty amazing.

Tracey said...

Just let me know how you do it when you do it!
And do keep blogging on the list, because we'd miss you otherwise.