Friday, July 06, 2007

Please Pardon Me

but I have got mucous between my synapses at the moment. My disclaimer is that anything I say or do (or have said or done) within a 100 hour strikezone cannot be deemed personal in any way, as I am not sure if it is really me here, or an alien inhabiting my body (and occasionally seeking release, mainly through my nostrils).

Get the picture?

Thanks for all your feedback on the camp issue - sort of exactly what I was saying to the friend whose child is involved ('Salina's school has overnight at school Grade 2, overnight at environmental part Grade 3 and working up to the full week by Grade 7).

We have just come back from a flying visit to Brisbane - 'Salina saw her rellies and I saw a few friends and went to a seminar. I was incredibly disorganised before heading off so had not contacted the 300 who I should have - just as well, really, as I developed full lurgy and could only drag myself to what I had committed to.

Had a shocker on the way home, culminating with me screaming at a wrong number call from Tasmania - I must learn that I do not have to answer the mobile phone, especially if I do not know who it is, if I know it is likely to be unimportant and if I am trying to deal with my child, a wierd looking guy near the playground, crazy terror-suspect looking parents of other children and a freight train through the head.

Today I am not doing anything relying on my dulled senses - washing takes no effort and I think I may be able to peg and organise fish and chips and salad for dinner - other than that, 'Salina is entertaining herself (and me - even here so close to death she can make me smile), V is working and my most pressing issue is a shower.

I hope I come back soon.

I hope I come back by tomorrow, actually - look at what is going to happen across the park: Make Poverty History Concert - I really want to enjoy it, and if I can't enjoy it, I really don't want to wish for them to go away as I think it an excellent cause and a fantastic project that has been undertaken.

If not, I hope I come back by Tuesday at 8.30am - 'Salina starts back at school and I have a major business presentation...

Anyhow - I hope I come back soon - maybe I could write a half decent blog post some time!


Tracey said...

I hope you come back soon too!

Scribbit said...

Mucus between your synapses? That's sad but quite the visual :)


I'm not sure I know where a synapses is?


Feel better soon.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Get better soon. Get better soon.