Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Number 99

Wow - what a response from the last post! I now know I have two options to impress you - get engaged OR share my fascinating housework tips!!!

As I don't intend on doing the getting engaged too regularly (heck, only ever done it the once so far and have every intention for this once to be it) AND as I only have one other fascinating housework tip (and I am saving that peeling eggs post for when I really feel I need your love) AND as the post after this will be Number 100, I am going to ask a question of you...

What am I going to write about for it? (ack - What will I say? How will I look? What will I wear?)

Does everyone else do this? Worry inordinantly about things that, frankly dears, matter only slightly in the whole world stage? I mean, I love blogging and the blog-world door that it opens, but why am I angsting about what the heck I am going to write next time? And why shouldn't I be angsting more about spilling my frailties in Number 99?

As you were.

If you want to offer something more concrete, then I have 3 suggestions this week:

There are only 2 days left to enter Semantically Driven's new banner offer. Every few months, Jaycee puts up a new banner and her new one is so pretty - but as one of her commenters said, so was the last one! (I haven't entered, but that is because I like my flower and can be a stick in the mud!)

Shelley at This Eclectic Life wants to know the 5 things people should know in life.

And someone I have met (blogmet, you know) of late, Sophiagurl has a great review of a movie which, as is her wont, morphs to inspiration!

Edited to add: I know it only looks like 97 posts - there were 2 posts that I drafted that were too whingy for the world. Can you believe that?


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Hey, thanks for the note about my banner offer. Everyone who's commented so far has said they're happy with theirs but it's a great offer so it might be destined to stay that way. We'll see.

As for your 100th post - much preparation is needed. You need to wear your best outfit, put your makeup on and write something really inspirational. I'm joking. You could always do a 'Number 100 and what do I have to show for it?' type post?

I'll eagerly await with anticipation.

Maude Lynn said...

I did a 100th post with great fanfare, then realized it wasn't actually 100 because Blogger counts drafts! How uncool am I?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link...and for your 100th post, I know what you can write about LOL! What 5 things do you think people should know?

What should you wear while posting? I'm not even going there.

Maude Lynn said...


Sophiagurl said...

thanks for the link Jeanie. i can totally relate about the worrying bit...because I am a worrier myself. and sometimes topics just hit you in the face as you are walking on the street or just reading a book or just watching a Ratatouille =)

what about? what are you passionate about? =) that would surely be an interesting read.

Cristina said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and congrats on getting to 100 posts!

On my 100th I linked to 100 posts that other bloggers wrote. It took me forever to do but it was kinda fun.

strauss said...

Congrats to your almost 100. I withdrew all fanfair for my 100th as I couldn't handle the pressure - ha ha, thus, like the year 2000 New Years hoopla celebrations, I decided to ignore it - but I am like that - a surly pain in the rear.
I am interested to hear about your rowing actaully, how did you get into that? Also what was your ex goingt o call your child if she had turned out to be a boy...I am intrigued :)

jeanie said...

Thanks for the tips and ideas - I have an idea spurred by a few given here... Thanks.