Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome to the house of fun

Yesterday, a combination of overwhelming tiredness (see last post) and the factor of V being in pain and home from work (see last post) meant that the million 12 jobs I had to get done in town after lunch got postponed. Today now has an extra 12 check boxes.

Last night cough cough it became apparent that cough cough my "ignore it and it will go away" stance cough cough with my daughter's non-cold cough cough was not going to do the whole cough cough go away part.

It dawned on me that if it kept the same patter then this mother dragon may well have to accede to her wishes of a day at home.

It not cough cough cough only kept cough cough cough the same cough cough cough cough patter, it cough cough coughcoughcoughcough heeee hack cough sort of accelerated and got gross.

When I awoke this morning, not only did I have that serenade but the ashen face of V with the news that he and his back were in agreement on not doing too much in the way of lifting, twisting, bending or stretching today - as his job is all of those factors continuously for up to 8 1/2 hours it meant that I would be blessed with his presence also.

But do you know what? I call this pronoia - never before has the multiplication of illness in my house been such a blessing - because they can keep each other company while I do what I gotta do!!

(Oh, add to that the fact that I got a phone call this morning from someone willing to pay me money (see last post)!!! Thank you universe.)


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Ok, at least with illnesses comes good news. Excellent. Hopefully V and S will keep each other amused and you can just lord around?

Tracey said...

I have the youngest at home today. Bit of sore tummy (had to pick her up from school yesterday), bit of a cough which I hope doesn't get worse. Days like these I thank my lucky stars I don't have to get stressed to work around paid employment.

Lisa Kay said...

Thanks for leaving the comment - I like your site!

Lisa Kay

jeanie said...

V and S have been great for each other today - it has just gone 3 and suddenly 1 of the entourage feels much, much better!

Kat said...

Oh I hate it when I get a nagging cough like that!
Feel better. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun times over at your house. I'm glad you got to thank the universe instead of bitching it out like I did today. That reminds me - thanks for popping by my site and leaving a comment. :)

Brissiemum2 said...

Lol! One way to get some babysitting done! ;) I do feel for him as I have had a chronic back problem for the last 2 years and if I could turn back time to avoid the injury, I would. So painful and not a lot can be done without risk. Thankfully his is only a strain. Tell him to take it easy though.

Maude Lynn said...

Hope everyone gets better! The only thing worse than a sick child is an ailing man!