Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Enough About Me

Overcast in Paradise today - good for seedlings, gardens, studying and getting things done.


Anyhow - 'Salina DID make a sign for "my mother" - and it worked because I remembered.

However, while on "my mother" last night and today, I found many more important things than me to blog about.

Things like shopping trolleys.

Here are just two trolley incidents in blog life that brought me tears

(Oh, and just to bring it all back to me - or rather V - he had a shopping trolley story on his dating profile. Hmm - should I consider therapy - or shopping?)


Tee/Tracy said...

ROFL - Kids know how to getcha, don't they?

When my husband wants something to get done he knows to leave a sticky note on my mouse.

Ms. Skywalker said...


Are you saying that shopping isn't therapy?

jeanie said...


Ha ha - my mother has tried many places to put notes for my father but is still searching!

V puts little notes on my shopping list - but we are still at the "disgusting" stage of our relationship where its all lovehearts before the "get milk and bread"!


We-elll - costs money - YES, uncovers deep-seated neuroses - DEPENDS on if you are clothes shopping or not, successful in terms of overcoming dsm - Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Girl, I'm so bad that it takes me days to get around to answering folks. Thank you so much for a link to my shopping cart story!