Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I got the "I got up too early to be feeling this slow" blues

Dear Abby
I need to do a course in time management - but I don't have time to find out about, let alone do, one. Between mothering, lovering, hovering, hoovering, working, washing, cleaning, cooking, blogging and volunteering it seems in my life nothing gets compl –darn – can I get back to you?
Ms I-really-truly-do-intend-to-get-around-to-it.

There are two reasons I wrote this - one is because I got up at 3am. This is what I do when I wake at 2.30am and cannot return to sleep.

Insomnia is something I refuse to bow down to, so instead I beat it by getting up anyway with many intentions. If it ain't giving me the satisfaction of getting back to sleep, I am not giving it the satisfaction of keeping me awake with senseless stuff - much better to blog than toss and turn.

If I cannot return to sleep in 20 minutes, then I have a vow that I will get up and do - and man I have a lot of doing on my plate - so a cup of tea is brewed and the 'puter is switched on.

Unfortunately it seems I need light to complete the task I set myself this morning - and that is something I cannot have, given that the "office" is in the bedroom and, while I love watching, feeling and hearing my honey sleep - it is a state that I like him to maintain at 3am (unless, of course, he has insomnia too and we have to beat that together) - so my backlog of blogs is being perused.

And then to light came a Dear Abby writing competition at This Eclectic Life, and thought I would put in an entry and encourage people to do the same. Unfortunately she wanted funny, and it seems funny has been kidnapped by insomnia in this current tussle.

It is a competition for bloggers and non-bloggers, with a very pretty prize indeed.

Here are the competition rules:

Here’s all you have to do to enter
the Dear Abby Writing Contest:
  • Write a funny Dear Abby letter that is 50 words or less (not counting the “Dear Abby” salutation and the “signature”)
  • It can be about any subject you choose, if you will please remember that this is a family friendly blog! It can be “from” anyone. You can choose a fictitious character (such as Just Married), or a celebrity (are they “real?”). Avoid profanity please, you are all much too intelligent to have to rely upon expletives. I reserve the right to delete your comment or refuse to enter you if you get raunchier than John Prine!
  • Non-bloggers: skip to the bottom of this post, hit the comment button, and write your letter there. If you are having trouble doing that, send your Dear Abby letter to me in an e-mail at shelly(dot)tucker(at)gmail(dot)com Then, I will post it in a comment for you.
  • Bloggers, you can enter with a comment, if you would like. I know that everyone would be able to read it more quickly then, but I would prefer that you post it on your own site, too. If you link back to this page to tell people about the contest, I’ll be happy to give you an extra link on this page.
  • You have until Saturday, September 15th at 11:59 p.m. Texas Time to write your ridiculous Dear Abby letter and post it.
  • On Sunday, September 16th, I will post my personal favorites right here on the blog, with a poll for voting. My readers will decide the winner. You will be able to vote daily, and you can send all your friend (s) to vote daily, too!
  • I will announce the winner on Saturday September 22nd at High Noon, Texas Time.
  • ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    And, let me sweeten the pot! Send people to vote (you don’t even have to enter the writing contest to do that!)when I post the voting page on Sunday September 16th. You can link on your blog, or just tell your friends about it if you don’t blog. Have them comment and say, “_______ sent me.” Fill in that blank with your name (That would be Jeanie)!

    So go on over there - enter the competition (you don't even have to get up at 2.30 - and hey, if you don't you may actually have something humourous come along) and enjoy!

    I think I may go back to bed and see if insomnia and I can broker a deal - maybe I will let it have me after 5?


    Anonymous said...

    Jeanie, Thank you! That's a good entry. Abby has to think, and she'll post a reply later today. Thanks for entering the contest and good luck!

    Mommy2JL said...

    Love your letter!
    It gave me quite the laugh heehee

    Jenny McB said...

    Oh wow, that's some serious insomnia you got going there. Fun letter you wrote, too bad you couldn't complete it...LOL

    Tee/Tracy said...

    Good luck on the contest. The Dear Abbey letter you wrote is very funny! :)

    Hope you get a nap later.

    Anonymous said...

    Just wanted to be sure you had Abby's answer on this post:
    Dear Truly do intend,
    You don't need a course in time management, dear. You need a maid, a butler, a cook, and a nanny...just like I have.
    Dear Abby