Monday, September 10, 2007

Turning the tide

Just a quickie - suddenly very busy.

  • I had to finish a course in the next two weeks to get another bit of paper - so attended and did the final assessment this morning - woo hoo;
  • Car shenanigans, as my car did a "I don't like my water pump configuration" last week (which didn't help my procrastination tendencies) - so this week, V's car is spitting a "well, I no longer want my brushes on my sway bar" - luckily his should still be under warranty - just means additional running around;
  • I did a quote ages ago - and this morning I was advised it has been ticked to be completed and turned around "as soon as possible" - both Yay and Eek;
  • I also have to do all the stuff I didn't do last week to promote myself to the local business community;
  • Oh, and my usual washing activities will be of the hand variety until we work out the washing machine solution - Electrolux did send an automatic "we have received" response from the letter, but it is yet to be followed up by any advice. Anyone out there have any?

As a result, I am very much limiting my indulgence keeping up to date with my bloglines feeder (now over 1000 ha ha ha) - I allow myself 1/2 hour here and there so will catch up on the other side of this load.