Saturday, September 08, 2007

Excuuuuse me - I have conundrums

And therefore I haven't been around much.

I had a lot to do which means that I avoided doing anything that was related to not doing what I was meant to be doing. So what I did instead was avoided doing what I was meant to be doing (because I procrastinate that way) and ended up doing nothing except avoiding.

But then it rained which means that V was home which means that I kept getting distracted by things that needed doing that I wasn't doing but I had someone else to blame and because I can be quite dense that way.

As you can see, I can go round and round and round on the "should-be-doings" rather than the "just-get-dones" like a pro, and nothing ever does get done but I can generate quite a lot of angst power. They should find a way to convert it.

I did start a post - it was a beautiful post that needed to be started and it is a beautiful post that needs to be finished but it is getting long and needs editing because I want it to be perfect but then I will have spent so much time and effort on it that I will be scared of putting it out there because it will be JUDGED by the world and what if it isn't as perfect as I thought or what if someone gets the wrong end of the stick about it and what if it doesn't come across in the manner that I meant it to and do I want scrutiny and why don't I just crawl back into bed and think about it some more. Refer to above paragraphs for end result analysis.

I have had many ideas for posts - I haven't written them. Refer to early paragraphs for time management strategies and to previous paragraph for self-esteem issues. But I did take some photos - I am a crap photographer.

I will get back to trying to be insightful soon. Maybe I will find some while shopping this morning. Maybe there will be some in the prolific garden out back. Maybe I will just read the 744 posts I have outstanding on Bloglines and get either inspired or devastated or tired.

Oh - and if I have ever commented on your posts and you use Typekey, Robin at Pensieve finally let me know that I didn't have any link on my profile which I have now fixed. Of course, if I have ever commented on your posts and you use Typekey you don't know where I am and you therefore cannot read this.

Thanks for standing by.

PS - at first I had posted "Jenn at Serving the Queens " for finding my Typekey problem - but as she is also on Blogger she actually commented. Isn't she sweet!

PPS - oh, I did do some things - like cooking the most exquisite muesli bars, then cooking even more more-exquisite muesli bars and the magical parsley patch had its weekly harvest for wonderful tabbouleh. I even did my weekly super-volunteer-of-the-tuckshop. I just didn't get done the stuff that I really needed to get done THIS WEEK.


Arkie Mama said...

I think I might have had that issue too -- not sure.

People kept telling me they couldn't get to my profile or blog when they clicked on my name...?

Is is that something different?

I'm such a newbie.

jeanie said...

Hi there Cathy

Your blogger profile is set to private, which means when your name is clicked on it just comes up with that message.

You can go to your own blogger profile and set it to share so people can see your blog.

As blogger sets the email advising of comments as "no-reply" it means that, unless your email address is found by other means (ie you share it on your profile or have it on your blog) there is no way of replying to most blogger comments directly.

By having your blog set to private, it means that there is no way for your comment to gain readership for your blog either or for people to respond through yours.

Tracey said...

Hey Jeanie, can I just copy your first few paragraphs for myself, because they would fit most appropriately as one of my blog posts. Conundrums indeed....

Can you share your exquisite muesli bar recipes?

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Procrastination is my middle name. I want to do my tax because I will get some back but I still haven't done it. I should be doing that, but I'm doing this. Sound familiar?

jeanie said...

Tracey - consider it the universe's to use! And yes, I will provide some muesli bar recipes ASAP because they are soooooo good!

Oh, and that one is a song I sing myself, Jaycee! My tax is in the waiting pile also - I have good intentions and finally it all in one good place (that I have found again!) but getting around to it (and the return it offers) has been put on hold...

Maude Lynn said...

Oh, this is brilliant! Angst power, indeed!

Scribbit said...

Conundrums? I hope they're not catching.

That line cracked me up.

Mommy2JL said...

I love this post.
I had to laugh reading your first couple paragraphs; they describe exactly how I feel.. and the procastinating that I had no motivation to write about..


You have a fabulous blog!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it fixed, Jeanie :).