Monday, November 12, 2007

Back in Paradise - Part 1

Ahhh - it feels so good to be home. Its so good to just - be - and be here with no drives in front of me, no "OMG you have to do this today"s pressing down on me. Ahhh - the little joys in life.

On Wednesday I drove South - I even drove a few clicks further South than I intended for my first appointment, that is what happens when a downpour coincides with trucks and traffic and freeways and looking out for "the second exit to Mooloolooba" - but it all worked out well and I had deposited daughter with her first set of carers.

Then I drove further South, and further and further until I was not even in my old time-zone any more. After 12 hours of driving I finally stopped...

When I packed, I contemplated possibly putting in a cardigan but at last minute decided to put in some longer sleeves and a wrap as well - thank goodness. The maximum predicted for Thursday was 15 - our coldest in Winter was 12, so 15 is a very low number in my register!

I undertook training all day Thursday - it was great, and if any of you need some assistance putting together your stock records, from Embryos, Semen and joinings through to integrating a yards system I am now your girl!!!

Thursday evening, wandering the shops was warmer than contemplating the motel room, so I searched high and low for something mindless and trashy to read in a bubble bath - there was possible many tomes that fit the bill, but not for the price I was willing to pay or at the outlets I went to, so I settled for the new Shannon Lush magazine, some Radox and some very ordinary Indian takeaway.

Friday morning woke with some excitement - I had woken from a dream involving drinking wine at boarding school (as you do) at 2.45 in the morning - and got to hear the cut and thrust of concreters riposte. I wonder about the sad disintegration of the cursive language in the modern trade world after such an experience, as no longer is there colour and expression, but a mundane repetitive use of the word "f*ck". Finally, my mother saying "it reflects on poor language skills" is a truism. After I had spoken with a higher power about ensuring that no lives were to be lost in the exchange (although I do think a job was lost) I managed to drift off again.

More training on Friday morning - so not only can I fix all your stock headaches, but I now have the skills of another accounting package under my belt (to join my existing armoury)!

Then I saddled up the car again, and this time headed East.


Tracey said...

You're back!! I missed you! As I said most indignantly on my blog, you passed within spitting distance of our house! Just so you don't do that again!!!!! without dropping in, my email is crazytrace[at]gmail[dot]com. I'll let you know where I live and phone numbers!
I haven't quite figured out where you are in Gods Own Country, but we are considering doing Cycle Queensland next September - Bundaberg to Brisbane. Anywhere close to you? Email me!!

Btw, Armidale anytime.. pack your winter woollies!!

jeanie said...

Hey there Trace! I was considering finding netball courts and doing a little stalking, but was chuckling about it (so you can feel safe).


You have a place to start from for your cycle - I live on the Coast at Bundaberg.


By the time of your cycle we may even have made a downstairs spare room, which would mean not having to put up with a mattress on the living room floor and the advantage of an Eddie-shaped alarm clock!

Scatteredmom said...

I had a weird night of dreaming myself, but was awoke at 6:30 this morning from a nasty storm that was tearing it's way through our area.

Hey I wanted you to know that I LOVE Queensland-Hubs and I spent 3 weeks in 1993 and 1994 in Cairns, Port Douglas, Kuranda, Fitzroy Island, and on the Barrier Reef. We would love to go back.

Nice to meet you! :)