Monday, November 26, 2007

A Level Above

the little tasks I assign myself on my infamous "lists" are those that adorn the whiteboard.

That pivotal point in my family's organisational strategy has a variety of hurdles that stand between us and Nirvana.

There is 'Salina's section - "make horse book" and "fill money box" are her constants, although she occasionally will throw on "got to beach this weekend" - ahh, the simple life...

V's section has had a list of chores from several weeks ago when we were away and he wanted to have the home ready when we came back. Of course, not putting "clean whiteboard off" as one of your tasks can make you come undone. Hey honey? 'Salina also puts a little "shave" memory-jigger on his section from time to time.

The "family" section has "Organise Wedding", "find school hat" and "garage sale?" as well as beach-going strategies.

My bit - well, there are a growing list of people to ring, business things to do and my larger "housefrau" tasks.

AS I live in Paradise, the view can be marred by dust from neighbouring developments, salt from the sea breezes, mud-drips from frisky wasps and ill-aimed fertilisation available from our avian friends.

As a result, on an at least annual basis, I get all houseproud and determine CLEAN FRONT WINDOWS should feature on the whiteboard of anticipation.

This will generally get it out of my system and buys me a few more weeks, until the stars align and a more pressing demand from another part of the whiteboard make this task a suitable procrastination tool.

Unfortunately, I failed to take the before shots - but I present to you:

(I also did the whole of the rest of the room, but that was not on the whiteboard...)

V is having a day of rest today, as it was declared a rain day bog day.

When I was complaining about having to fake my OCD with such Shannon Lush behaviour, he (the holder of the family OCD tendencies) ducked my pointed suggestion very well.

My concern at that time was for all the fiddly bits in front doors.

"When we next see the need for a front door, it will be flat." I told him (in my dictatorial manner).

"You could have just brought a hose upstairs and washed the house" he said. "At least you don't have to worry about upper storey windows" he said.

He then apologised profusely when I motioned to the dozen large hoppers awaiting my attention not 2 feet away!!

Now, to wipe that one off the whiteboard!!!


Brissiemum2 said...

Omg! That is impressive! You can come and do mine now! They have serious dust bunnies living on them (along with a zillion geckos!). I love the reflective shot at the end. Perhaps it might inspire me to get mine done....hmmmmm....nahhhhhhhhh! That sounds too energetic!

Oh and is the gorgeous pool in the background yours? If not then you might need to get to know those neighbours! Rofl!

jeanie said...

I did contemplate starting a sideline business in assisting busy people with spring cleaning, as I am more your blitz than every day type cleaner lol - but that was when I was firing!!

You gotta get the whiteboard - it is a very important part of the whole process.

Boy-Next-Door lives in the complex with the pool, so we are doing all we can to keep the lines open there!

Tracey said...

where do you get the energy?... I need to know....

Just-Me-Jen said...

Beautiful windows! Wow, if that's just the front, I'd love to see the rest of your house! :-)

jeanie said...

Tracey - that is all the energy I save by not exercising!

Jen - as I said, I don't do before photos - it may take a few years to get to see the rest of the house.

shishyboo said...

holy cow that's a lot of windows!
hope there was some sort of suitable ceremony when you wiped that task off your board, it deserves a prize surely!