Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where are my feet?

Well, I was going to update you with part 2, but (a) I ran out of time, (b) it was too boring (well, it wasn't in real life, just in print), and (c) both of the above.


So Friday I trained then drove - and drove and drove again - across from Armidale to Coffs Harbour (if only the weather was better, if only I wasn't such a time-efficient driver, if only the camera were of better quality I could have shown you some wonderful scenery on the drive).

Coffs Harbour is where I hopped onto the Pacific Highway - our country's busiest highway. I knew there was a blogger who lived around there somewhere - but I did not see a tandem on the road, nor any netball carnivals so have had to break the sad news to her since returning. I drove within 1km of her house, apparently!

Then I got to Brunswick Heads, and the new upgrades make it freeway heaven. Unfortunately, the directions I got online had not accounted for this change, so another 20km detour got me back to where I was to meet with some friends. On Friday it was seafood with her and 2 other friends.

(I have discovered the way to ease pre-menstrual tension - sit me at a table with other women and lots of food - I ate my way through the next 30 hours).

Sunday I again packed the car, and headed North. I collected 'Salina from her relatives, popped in to various other locations where she had left / my sister had delivered various items of her wardrobe and homework. I still have 2 pairs of shoes and 1 hat outstanding.

We arrived back to rapturous welcomes from Eddie and V - and collapsed.

Since then I have been working, self-training, doing business books and self-promotion, washing, ignoring the floors and windows and trying to catch up.

Yesterday welcomed in "the visitor" with no trumpeting migraines! I also got a few calls where I could go earn more money if only I am prepared to drive 4-500 km each way - hmmm - doable, just not every week.

Today I also went in to the school to help the teacher for an hour - I am so glad I only have one child, and that she is not any one of at least half a dozen that would send good teachers out of the system.

Egads - thank goodness generally I only have to help adults learn in situations where they actually want to learn.

So - here ends another boring update - I will try to live a more interesting life soon - just when I can get out from under all the detrius of life.


Tracey said...

It doesn't sound boring, it sounds exhausting - yet fulfilling at the same time!

And you know where to find me next time!!