Monday, November 05, 2007

The Ides of November

Well, my interesting week to come and thus far I think it might have more to do with providence colliding with nicotine withdrawal than with auspicious stars.

Yesterday we put up the swing set without any major relationship fall outs, which I have had said to me is the first test. I have also learned that just because an idea crosses my mind, it is not a fantastic idea to then weave it into perceived reality and then disappointment when it does not happen AT THE EXACT MOMENT I think it should happen. It did happen, and it happened before the world collapsed - which was in God's (and V's) infinite plan, no doubt.

I also finally finished washing all bedding and clothing littering my laundry. Well, we would have had I remembered to put anything in to 2 of the loads. See, I have a method to my laundering that goes thus:
  1. Sort washing into n loads.
  2. Put in powder into machine.
  3. Manually turn on hot water tap.
  4. Start machine filling.
  5. Start pegging out.
  6. At a provident moment go back to the machine.
  7. Manually turn off hot water tap to save the entire downstairs from flooding.
  8. Load the clothes in to the washing machine.
  9. Hear the machine stop filling.
  10. Swear and dash inside.
  11. Manually turn off hot water tap to save the entire downstairs from flooding.
  12. Load the clothes in to the washing machine.
  13. Finish the pegging.
  14. When the load finishes, manually switch it to spin cycle.
  15. Unload the clothes into basket.
  16. Repeat the steps 2-15 n times - or n + x times, depending on how many times you forget step 8/12.

I blame swing set construction distractions for my x=2.

But now all the washing is finally done and dusted. Which just makes the sad old 3 year old shelf space Electrolux Front-loader a more dominant feature. Sigh, I have calling my lovely friends at LERF on my to do list today.

As are several little jobs, a promotional blitz and organising a trip away at the end of the week - by 3 today - so won't be here long.

Both Saturday night and Sunday did not fall into the "restful" category, as I had the most vivid dreams where I could have sworn I was awake - but really, really tired.

Saturdays involved making out with V on a school bus, being busted by his cousin, meeting an extended (and rather judgemental and nasty) family, lots of food, accusations of not being Christ-like (what the?) and V getting progressively younger, until as my 17 year old boyfriend unrecognisable.

I awoke, thought that it was strange, went back to sleep and proceeded to have the same dream over. Some bits were changed - the extended family grew to include my extended family including the outlaws, a gay couple I don't know and some other friends; my ex-BIL was very obnoxious and my aunt bawled him out, the gay couple were caught making out and we had a discussion and 'Salina was a nightmare in sass and behaviour, leading me to not get any food and then accused of not being Christ-like.

Last night, I had many vignettes, but all so real that I truly panicked at a few turns.
  • My father bought me a four-wheel drive that came with a boat, a coat, toys in every pocket and was part of some new film promotion.
  • I stayed at a friend's parent's house but I couldn't remember whose. '
  • I put my foot in my mouth about someone's employment.
  • Another friend was laid up in bed after a mysterious "accident" that involved flooding.
  • I let a poodle into a secret hallway that then barked and woke the whole house.
  • I forgot to pack anything and we were away from home for 5 days.
  • V's tongue had green spots and glowed in the dark.
  • 'Salina had to start at a new school and I couldn't find it.
  • I had to find my sister and it was getting dark and she didn't know where we were staying, and I couldn't tell her as that would admit I didn't know whose house we were staying at.
  • Mum wanted to take the car back as Dad didn't have the money, but we couldn't find where it had come from or my car.
  • People were talking to me but I couldn't keep my eyes open as I was so tired

I was very glad to wake up, but exhausted.

I got one call about confirmation of work I have to do by tomorrow evening (won't take long), one call about a query on past work I have to look up (again, won't take long) and one call about something quite exciting but huge that may be of interest to me in the future.

On Wednesday I have to meet my sister somewhere and give her my child then drive to where I am doing training. According to whereis, it will take me between 9-10 hours driving time (add an hour to that as NSW is on daylight savings), so will be a huge day in the driver's seat.

Thursday and Friday I will be learning all there is to know about some rural software packages so I can be able to pass on my wisdom to the software company's clients and possibly entice new business for them, too.

I have to long-distance negotiate a drop-off between my extremely reliable sister and my slightly erratic outlaw family. Ever since my ex-SIL took her extremely drunk boyfriend round to my sister's one time - or the other version, took her Zimbabwean boyfriend round to my racist brother-in-law's one time - more diplomacy has been required. Thank goodness for Baka, who thinks all my family are wonderful ladies and gentlemen - and my family look most kindly to her - all we need is for her to not be visiting the casino at that point in time and it will be sweet.

Friday night to Sunday morning I will be catching up with one of my oldest girlfriends and her posse on the beach in Northern NSW.

Sunday morning I will collect 'Salina from the outlaws and come back here to collapse!

Edited to add - LERF just CALLED ME! As exciting as that is, even moreso is the fact that their technicians are coming to my place to fix the machine - RIGHT NOW!


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Here's hoping this comment finds you with a properly working washing machine. Hope your course goes well..

Julie Pippert said...

It's interesting how the pace of your dream (bullets and all) matches the pace of your laundry (bullets and all).

GL with the machine repair!

Using My Words

Tee/Tracy said...

My husband and I put a swing set together a couple years ago and it was not fun. LOL. I actually posted about it, too. (You can use the Blogger search bar on my blog and the words: "Swing set")

Have a good day! :)