Friday, November 23, 2007


I woke up this Friday morning with a clear head.

I get to spend most of my day being Tuckshop Lady.

I get a break in the middle to move the washing along.

I get to finish in time to do the groceries.

I have enough money in the bank to do the groceries.

We are having Boy-Next-Door and his mother over for dinner tonight (to share our dinner with, not to eat them).

Tomorrow is Election Day. No more political bullshit advertising, espousing and blatant mudslinging.

Tomorrow is also Family Fun Day at the school. 4 hours of screaming children on rides, 1 hour of flogging raffle tickets, 1 hour of flogging plants. I am really glad they only gave us 10 days notice on the plant thing, as that means no-one had time to get any ready, so I may have nothing to flog there.

Sunday is my day of rest. So I will do the rest of the garden - it and I both need the contemplative moments.

Although I always have a sense of impending doom at the back of my head thanks to my workaholic tendencies combined with my procrastination, its days like these that take it all out of my hands.


Just-Me-Jen said...

Enjoy the Family Fun Day & the gardening!